100 Most Difficult Riddles (with Answers)

Most Difficult 100 Riddles for everyone to solve with Answers. All the answers is in “red box”, You only have to answer for each question with in few seconds and then click on box to see if its right or wrong. Are you ready?

100 Most Difficult Riddles for Kids & Adults (with Answers)
100 Most Difficult Riddles for Kids & Adults (with Answers)


Here are the 100 Difficult Riddles with answers.

Challenge – Try to answer at least 50 questions, Yes you can. 


1 – 50 


Why are free sittings in church immoral?

Because you are then made good for nothing.


2. My first we all possess ; My second we all should gain, My whole you’ll surely guess : Tis one of Flora’s train ?



3. My first is a bit of butter ; My next a bit of mutton ; My whole is a little matter Not bigger than a button ?



4. Why is a charade like a fir-tree ?

Because you may get a deal boaixl (bored) from it.


5. When is a cockney nearest heaven ?

When he is upon a lark,


6. Why are bankrupts more to be pitied than idiots ?

Because idiots are only cracked, bankrupts are broken


7. Which is the most wonderful animal in a farm- yard ?

A pig, because he is killed first and cured afterwards.


8. Why are opera dancers murderers ?

Because they execute their pas.


9. What is the difference between a good and a bad governess?

One teaches miss, the other mis-teaches


10. Why is a sparrow like indian-rubber ?

Because he is a gutter-percher (gutta percha).

11. Why was the elephant the last animal in the ark?

Because he stayed behind to pack up his trunk.


12. Why does a Jew prefer mutton to venison ?

Because he likes that which is sheep (cheap), better than that which is dear (deer).


13. Why are the Queen’s poultry quarrelsome ?

Because they are Vic’s hens (vixens).


14. Why is a looking-glass like a dissatisfied and ungrateful acquaintance ?

Because, though you may load its back with silver, it will always reflect on you.


15. When does a physician order a lady to become a cannibal ?

When he orders her to eat a little orphan(often).


16. When are ladies like churches ?

Because they have a loud clapper in their upper story.


17. Why is a child with a cold in its head like a winter’s night ?

Because it blows, it snows (it’s nose). 488. A peahen of forty (piano forte).


18. What old bird is like a musical instrument ?

A peahen of forty (piano forte).


19. If the eyes and nose were to run a race which would win ?

The eyes : for the nose would be blown, while the eyes would run till they dropped.


20. When is it dangerous to enter a cathedral ?

When the bishop is charging the congregation.

21. With what two animals do you always go to bed?

Two calves.


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22. Which of the seven wonders of the world is a locomotive-engine like ?

Colossus (coal horses) of Rhodes (roads).


23. Why is Blondin a great favourite with the public ?

Because his performance is always en-cored (on cord).


24. Why is a piano like an onion ?

Because it smell odious (melodious).


25. When my first is broken It stands in need of my second ; My third makes part of every lady’s dress ?



26. Why should a quill-pen never be used for indicting secret matter ?

Because it is apt to split.


27. Why is the English grammar like the gout ?

Because it’s torture (taught you).


28. Why would a sixth sense become a bore “?

Because it would be a new sense (nuisance).


29. When do sheep become stationary ?

When they are put into pens.


30. Why should a teetotaller not have a wife ?

Because he cannot sup-porter.

31. When does a farmer act with great rudeness to his corn ?

When he pulls its ears, and when he smashes it.


32. When is a lover like a tailor ?

When he presses his suit.


33. What vegetable is anything but agreeable on board ship ?

A leek.


34. Why is a temperance man sure not to sink ?

Because he keeps his nose above water.


35. Why is a deceptive woman like a sempstress ?

Because she is not what she seams.


36. What game of cards is most played by soldiers’?

Hazard or picket.


37. What interjection is of the feminine gender?



38. Why are good husbands like dough ?

Because women need (knead) them.


39. If a pig wished to build himself a habitation, how would he set about it ?

He would tie a knot in his tail, and call it a pig’s tie.


40. Why is a man committing murder like a hen walking across the street ?

Because it’s a foul proceeding.


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41. What islands ought to be good singers ?



42. What animal falls from the skies ?

The rain-dear.


43. What vegetable does a female’s tongue resemble ?

The scarlet-runner.


44. Where do the sparrows go in cherry time ?

To Peckham (peck ’em).


45. Why is a lady like a poacher ?

Because she nets her hair.


46. If the wind could speak, what would it say to a rose-bud ?

You be blown.


47. Why is the Duke of Wellington standing at the Royal Exchange like a farmer’s wife ?

Because he is looking up the Poultry.


48. When is a fish like a bird ?

When it takes a fly.


49. Why should a horse not be hungry on his journey?

Because he always has a bit in his mouth .


50. What is that which we can all make, but which cannot be seen when it is made ?

A bow


50 – 100 

51. If Britannia were deformed, what public in- stitution would she remind you of ?

The National Gal-awry (Gallery).


52. What is invisible blue ?

A policeman when you want him.


53. Why are Government clerks like the fountain in Leicester-square.?

Because they play from ten till four.


54. When was the largest amount of beef-tea consumed in England ?

When Henry VIII. dissolved the Pope’s bull.


55. Who is the greatest rogue in Middlesex ?

The knave in the Crystal Palace.


56. Why is gout like reciprocated love ?

Because it’s a joint affection.


57. Why is a lover like a dog ?

Because he bows and wows.


58. Why is a misers charity never to be interfered with?

Because what he gives is nothing to anybody.


59.Why may the letter N” be called melancholy ?

Because it is at all times inconsolable.

60. When is a rushlight like a tombstone ?

When it is set up for a late husband.


61. Why is a negro out for a holiday like a bandy- legged man ?

Because the negro’s out (knee grows out).


62. Why is a man putting on a tight pair of boots like one of the heathen gods ?

Because he is struggling with the Titans (tight uns).


63. When is a dog’s tail like a toll-gate ?

When it stops a wagging (wagon).


64. Why does a blow leave a blue mark ?

Because blow in the perfect makes blue.


65. Out of what English river could you make bran ?

The Usk.


66. Why is J. H. Stead like Holloway’s ointment?

Because he is a perfect cure.


67. What is the difference between a stable and a farce ?

One is a mews in (amusing), and the other’s in a mews.


68. Why did Adam bite the apple Eve gave him ?

Because he had no knife


69. What shape is a kiss?

Elliptical (a lip tickle).

70. Why is a black woman like a door ?

Because she is a negress (an egress).


71. Why is a London milkman like the whale that swallowed Jonah ?

Because he takes a great prophet (profit) outof the water


72. Where, in every trouble or misfortune, can you depend upon finding sympathy ?

In the dictionary.


73. Which are the most difficult wigs for a barber to curl ?



74. What trade is most ferocious, and requires most courage ?

A barber, because he takes kings by the nose and queens by the hair of their heads.


75. Why are washerwomen foolish?

Because they set tubs to catch soft water when it rains hard.


76. Why is a thief called a jail bird ?

Because lie lias been a Robin.


77. What part of a clock is like Christmas- eve?

The weights (waits).


78. When is a candle in a passion ?

When it is put out or when it flares up.


79. If a Frenchman were cooked, how would he taste ?

Bitter, because he is a native of Gaul.

80. Why are Cashmere shawls like deaf people ?

Because you cannot make them here (hear).


81. When does a chair resemble a lady’s dress ?

When it is sat in.


82. Why are laundresses good navigators ?

Because they are always crossing the line, and going from pole to pole.


83. Why is a washerwoman the most wonderful woman in the world ?

Because she goes to bed worn out, and gets up fine linen.


84. When is the wind of use to a country engaged in war ?

When it blows great guns.


85. What is that which a cat has, but no other animal ?



86. What is that which is full of holes, and yet holds water ?

A sponge


87. What’s most like a cat’s tail ?

A kitten’s tail.


88. Why is a door always in the subjunctive mood?

Because it’s always would (wood) or should be


89. What part of a fish weighs most ?

The scales.

90. What part of a fish is like the end of a book?

The Fin-is.


91. Why is a merry eye like one destroyed ?

Because it is an eye elated (annihilated).


92. When is wine like a pig’s tooth ?

When it’s in a hogs head.


93. When has a man four hands ?

When he doubles his fists.


94. What is the key-note to good manners ?

B natural.


95. Why is a lovely young lady like a hinge ?

Because she is something to adore.


96. Why is an oyster the greatest paradox in nature ?

Because it has a head without a chin, And is pulled out of bed to be tucked in.


97. What kind of clothes did Adam and Eve wear in Paradise ?



98. What relation is the door-mat to the scraper?

A step farther (father).


99. When King Charles the First was beheaded, off what dish did his executioner dine, and where?

He took a chop at the king’s head.


100. Had he his Majesty’s permission to perform the operation ?

He axed hirn whether he would or no.


How many questions you answered? 

Keep a comment in below.


Why riddles are important to brain ?

The most important thing is to choose the right riddles. If you overestimate the child’s knowledge and choose too complex, then guessing will quickly turn from an interesting leisure time into a boring, uninteresting activity. As, however, are too simple riddles that quickly deprive children of enthusiasm.

Do not rush to give your child the only correct answer to the riddle. It happens that riddles imply many options for correct answers.

Here is several types of riddles:

comparison riddles – where the enigmatic object is compared with another object or phenomenon, to which it is similar or somewhat different; riddles-descriptions where an object or phenomenon is described;
combined riddles are a combination of riddles-descriptions with riddles-comparisons.

When working with riddles-comparisons, it is necessary to teach the child to consciously highlight and memorize the various signs of the conceived. To achieve this goal, children in their environment find similar objects according to one common feature, and then compare and generalize them.

The topics of riddles are diverse: about domestic and wild animals, about clothes, about products, about natural phenomena, about transport. These kinds of riddles are offered to children of younger and middle preschool age.

In working with children of older preschool age, more complex types of riddles are offered, in guessing which the child uses comparison, exclusion, comparison.

You can make riddles anywhere (at home, in nature, on the road, at a party, at a holiday) and at any time. They are always appropriate, especially if they are selected according to the chosen location and occupation.

Of course, the child should be interested in the process of proof, in reasoning, in the selection of facts and arguments. Because when guessing a riddle, the children have a specific goal: not just to guess the riddle, but also to prove that the guess is correct. If he was wrong, the child continues to search for the correct answer.

The children are already on their own!
Emotional perception is characteristic of young children. Ask riddles that use strong outward signs. These are riddles about toys, pets, some household items, and food.

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