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This is a Impossible Writing Game contest by Difficult Quiz Games. Stories by Nissh.M. popular digital writer. Article contained the stories Tangle of life, Dream from last night, The Luck and more.


Story: Tangle of Life

Author : Nissh.M

Tangle of Life by difficult Game Quiz
Tangle of Life by difficult Game Quiz

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The snow that has been falling for more than two days will continue to fall for days to come. The little boys and girls in Halabyan Park play in the snow boats … they don’t even care about the snowfall … There is a strange beauty … but Sam did not care about any of it .. Sam came along the narrow lane in the Halabyan garden, turned from Thumo junction and started coming towards the Halabyan bridge …

The Halabyan Bridge is about 200 meters away. He took the bottle of vodka out of his coat pocket and threw everything left at once … it was the second bottle he had finished in an hour … the laughter of the children in the garden shook his mind. He also had a past playing snowboarding with friends at the Halabyan Park itself. All of his friends are now married and have children.
But he is still there. No marriage, no children, no father, all relatives have changed. Only his mother was with him. Her burial took place today.

No one knows that loneliness is the worst pain in the world until they experience it … Sam felt that pain …

Halabyan Road alone was covered with snow and there were not many vehicles..everything was stuck in the houses till the end of the snow..even it was only 7.30 pm but the whole Halabyan Road was empty..Halabyan Bridge is a short distance away.

Sam’s father left his mother and moved in with another girl when he was a child … so they had to move to a small room in Halabyan … he had not been able to get a proper job for the past few years … he had to take care of her because of his mother’s bed, he said. Although he did a few jobs at the time, his economy plunged to the brink of collapse as he was thrown out of all of them …

He was indebted all around to pay for his mother’s medicine and rent..now it was all over his head … he had fallen from the house he had been renting for a long time … his mother too had left this world forever..his eyes were wet with tears Gone..he remembered his bitter past one by one..he could not find a day when he was happy with its sadness..his mind was covered with remorse like lightning in the sky..he fell on Halabyan road several times..he could not walk..snow He took the sinking foot again with difficulty. I was also empty, so no one could have seen Samuel walking around drunk. He finally came to the Halabyan Bridge.

The Halabyan Bridge looks amazing from the outside, but anyone who stands on it and looks down will realize how terrifying it is. Below it is a deep gorge. Made of single iron … a tall iron arch was built across the bridge for the benefit of the people passing through it .. Sam grabbed the iron fence with his hands and looked down .. Tears welled up in his eyes.

He never thought he would have to end his life this way, but it was going to happen now. He raised his head and looked at the dark sky.
“Just bring me to this world to die.” He looked up at the sky and shouted … But it is doubtful whether God will hear it … If so, then God must hear what he has asked of him so far … ”
His mind was completely empty. He smiled as he looked at the deep ridge below the bridge.

“Mommy, I’m coming … I’m coming out of this miserable world forever,” he said, grabbing the bridge wall and barely placing one foot on it.
The vodka was working all over his body. It had paralyzed him so much that he could not even move his body properly. But the burning pain in his mind overcame it all.
In another second his life would be over. He put his other leg on the wall and sat on the ledge of the small wall and looked out into the deep darkness. The mare sank into the darkness. He slightly loosened his grip and leaned down the wall.

But all of a sudden he felt someone pull him back from behind … he fell on the snow …
“Is a madman going to die?” He raised his eyes slightly … he saw a female figure … he only remembered … his eyes closed on the snow …

He did not even know where he woke up the next day … He looked around to see if he was dead. His head was still not free of vodka. Suddenly the door to the room opened. A woman in a pink dress came in. ..

“And get up” Sam put her coffee cup in her hand and sat on the corner of the bed …
“I’m Stella” she said …

This is how the meeting of the lovers in our story officially takes place ..
This is just the beginning. After that meeting, they fell in love with each other. They later got married. They also had two children. Stella helped him pay off Sammy’s debt. Because of Stella, Sam got a house to live in. They lived as a whole family. They are still living.

According to Stella, she went to the Halabyan Bridge that day by accident, but she never dreamed that she would be able to save someone who had tried to commit suicide there.

One day on their 10th wedding anniversary Sam took her for dinner..it was a deliberately special place. Sam had set up a table on the balcony of the hotel for their wedding anniversary. From there, he could see the Halabyan Bridge rising like a giant.

It’s a wonderful picture. Stella knows very well why Sam brought her here … it was the beginning of their beautiful life. In short, it was the weirdest place where it all started …
Stella took a deep look at Sam …. She looked at the Halabyan bridge and Sam’s eyes and she held his hand on hers ….. Tears welled up in her eyes and it fell to the ground ..
“Sam, can I tell you something I haven’t told you in so long?”
“What Setella” Sam asked …
“I came to the bridge by accident.”
“I came to die too,” she said.

Postscript – This is a short story based on a true story. He is still living happily with his two children. Over time, many problems in life will be solved. There are problems in your life as well. It is something we all inherit. If he dies, he will have no Stella or children today. Someday you will have the happiness that you do not have in your life today. Allow time for that.


Story: The divorce 

Author : Nissh.M

Maggie and I have been married for 10 years. We had a 3 year old son … but 10 years after we got married everything in our life started to change ….
Lucy Scarlett came into my life at that time ….

Everything changed with Lucy’s love … I gradually moved away from Maggie … I slept with her but never hugged her like we used to …. We used to kiss each other when we left the house …. I missed that too … I didn’t even try to look at her with love … Maggie must have understood all these differences …

“Tigran යන්න If you want to go go …. but don’t bother me so much …. I can’t stand you changing” she told me … Maggie must have said that it must have been the hardest place to wait
I was getting ready for divorce … I wrote off half of my assets to Maggie and the baby … the day I handed over the divorce paper to Maggie she tore it up and threw it away ….
“You know Tigran … I don’t need anything from you …. I have enough for you to take care of the baby …” she said …
“Who is that girl?”
“Does he love you?”
“Then it’s okay …. you be happy …” she whispered …
“Tigran” Maggie had two dark green eyes … but when her heart felt sad it turned light green ….
“Can I do you a favor?” Maggie asked.
” what ”
“Stay with me for only one month …. love me like we did when we were married …. just live the same life we ​​lived then …. only one month … then something you want You do it … it doesn’t matter. ”

I accepted that request …. only one month ….

When I told Lucy about Maggie’s request, she laughed …
‘That’s nonsense’ she said …
I hugged Lucy ….
“Don’t you mind honey … only one month …. then I will always be yours ….” I kissed her …. Lucy is younger than Maggie … beautiful …. by then my whole The whole world would have become him ….

Like Maggie said, that month I started living with her just like the first time we got married.
I hugged him while he slept … Every morning when he woke up I brought him a coffee … When he went to the office I took him in my arms and took him to the door …

Our little boy was watching all this … he was so happy …. sometimes he looked at us and clapped …
“And… and…. Daddy is picking up Mommy …” He yelled and jumped up ….

One day when I took Maggie by the hand she put her head on my chest ….. I looked at her … her eyes were glowing green ….. the beauty we had when we were first married is still in those two eyes..I kissed her … that kiss was not given falsely but actually given ….

A few days passed..I felt the olive smell coming from his hair when I slept in his arms at night..I have not felt that smell in a while..maybe it was because I did not hug him so close …

I hugged her as I went to work … I felt the same warmth we felt when we first got married …. Will I love her again? I looked into Maggie’s eyes …. tears welled up in her eyes …. “If only I could stay with you like this forever” she said …

I went to work that day but I didn’t have the heart to do work … Why did I leave Maggie because I loved Lucy? No, there was something beyond that ….

After getting married for a while we don’t see the other person’s beauty …. it feels like that beauty is diminishing … not really because that beauty is disappearing..because we are not trying to see that beauty … we fall in love with those feelings We control ourselves without letting go..After a while after marriage this rule comes automatically … but there should not be such control between a husband and wife … we should feel each other’s love … we should enjoy each other … then love It’s new … It happened to me too … I never tried to see Maggie’s love … I never tried to give my love to her … Instead I did find another love … What I did to Maggie was wrong I understand …. I remembered my child …. how long we lived happily in love … why we can’t stay like that anymore …

I went to see Lucy right away …
“Lucy I’m not divorcing Maggie … I’m sorry”
“What?” Lucy looked at me in shock …
“Yeah Lucy … I think I still love Maggie …”
Lucy angrily slapped me on the cheek ….
“You’re a coward,” she said and walked away …

I went home that day and hugged Maggie .. gave her a kiss … a real one .. with all my heart ..
“I’m sorry Maggie … I could not understand myself … I love you …. We will always be like this” ..There were tears in Maggie’s eyes when I said that ….

“Gold … I have something to tell you …”
She said ….
“We told you we’ve been in love for a month for a reason …” she muttered …
” a reason”
“Yeah … I have cancer … I only have a month left to live … I already knew you loved someone else … but I didn’t tell you anything even if I died.” Because I knew someone would make you happy … I asked you to live in love with me for a month for our little boy. ”

“For the son?”
“Yes honey … even if I die … I’m in my life

“Yes honey … even if I die … the son should see that I was happy with you till the end of my life …. his love will be beautiful when he is in love someday …. the love of mom and dad will affect the lives of the children too.” ..The love of both of us will make his love beautiful …. ”
I hugged my Maggie … with so much love.

Postscript – The way parents love each other affects the lives of their children …. With the culture of Sri Lanka, parents do not show their love to their children … Dad kisses mom Some children have never seen … Mom and Dad hug and talk lovingly .. Some children may not have seen each other hug each other in love before going to work. That’s what you do when you get married ….


Story: The Luck 

Author : Nissh.M

The Luck 
The Luck

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Mika was a drunkard, a gambler … he was married. He had two children. They were both girls. They could not go to school even after school. They did not have enough money to go to school. There was no money. At least he could not bring anything home to eat that day …
His wife, Magillin, was deeply saddened.
“This guy ruined my life like that … let’s just say it doesn’t matter … but the lives of my children …”
No matter how much she cared for him, Mika didn’t care. He never stopped gambling for his children.

One day, on his way home from work, he bought a lottery ticket from the Sethun Street lottery booth as usual. He put it in his pocket and looked at how many more coins were in it.

He returned to the bar, put the $ 500 in the bartender’s hand, and bought half a congee. It took him less than five minutes to finish his drink. No. He wished he could have had another half a cup of congee.

He reached into the bottom of all his pants pockets and shook them. There was not a penny in them.

He had to buy another half of the Congaik somehow.

David was sitting a few feet away from his desk. David, who lived near his house, was a stingy fisherman. Ask David for 500 dirhams and buy half a Kongyak anyway. Mika thought.

Micah sat down at David’s desk and sat down to talk with him for a few minutes.
“Friend..I feel very relieved to talk to you …. help me a little … I am only asking you for help like this today … I have never asked you for help before..I will not ask again.”
“Tell me what Mira is” David asked ..
“If I can get 500 dirhams for half a Diyan Kongyak …”
David looked at him and smiled.
“Mika, you heard that David is not a man who spends a penny in vain,” he said.

Mira knew this very well. He thought for a moment … It was at this point that he remembered the lottery he had taken before coming to the bar.
“Not just David … take this lottery and give me 500 dirhams. I bought it for 600 … you get a hundred.”
He said, placing the lottery in front of David.
David looks at the lottery ticket and looks at Micah.
“Okay … give it to me as you ask..I don’t care about this … but I will help you because I can’t take your word for it”
He took 500 dirhams from his pocket and placed them in Mika’s hand.

Mika ran to the bartender as if he had gotten a fortune and bought half a condom from there.

When Mika came back to the bar the next day, he saw that the bar was full. He got into it … there was a party in the bar. Almost all the drunkards on Sethun Street had gathered there.
“If it’s someone’s party, I can go without money today,” Mika said.

As Micah entered the bar, David approached him and hugged him.
“Friend … it’s good that you came … go and drink well..drink as much as you can..all this is drunk..all is mine today .. you made me lucky”
Micah looked up and down.
“What have I done?” He whispered in David’s ear.
“Yes dude … you made me lucky..I got the first prize in the lottery you gave me yesterday..now I am a millionaire …”

His words hurt Mika so much.
When David saw Micah’s face changed, he tapped him on the shoulder and said,

“Don’t worry about it buddy … get tired today … it’s all like this David … but only today..I’m not in Sethun from tomorrow …. I’m going to live in the city …”

Kiu said as he walked away.

Postscript: There is a saying that sin cannot be forgiven .. Some people are born unhappy and die that way .. Fate is something I do not accept. I believe that destiny can be changed through effort and sacrifice. There are an infinite number of people who have changed like that … Unfortunately, this is not something you inherit from birth. Something you build for yourself through what you say and do.


Story: Dream of Last Night

Author : Nissh.M

By 7 in the morning, the sun had not yet set, and it was pitch dark. It was normal for the first of November. It was the beginning of winter.
I lit the small lamp next to the bed and sat on the bed. My head was heavy … it made me feel very dizzy … when I woke up the next morning I was not there …
“Why Raza” Pierre asked as he saw me sitting with my head on the pillow …
“No headache” I said …
“Why didn’t you go to sleep at night?” He said as if mumbling … he was still asleep …
“Mmm … I was silent for a moment … If I told you the real reason, Pierre would wake up … Suddenly at seven o’clock..It’s time for him to wake up …. So it’s time to tell him …
“I saw my mother in a dream” I said … I woke up with my eyes closed as I thought and he sat on the bed and looked at me.
“Yes ”
He gently rubbed my hand ….
“Don’t worry Raza … that’s normal” he said …

But it’s not normal … there’s something unknown to Pierre … my mother was 49 years old when she died of a heart attack due to a concussion … she was devastated by my father. That’s why I don’t think she died happy …
About 10 years have passed since she died, but I began to dream of her at least once a year … but every day ended in great pain … with some kind of tragedy … so I was terrified every day I saw her in my dreams. Anything ominous … Pyodor does not know it. I did not tell him. I said it, but he did not believe it. He would think it was just nonsense.

The biggest tragedy I have ever faced in my life happened on the first day I saw my mother in a dream..I was a few weeks pregnant at that time … that was when we were expecting our first child … I had an abortion due to an accident while going to an office that day … My baby had to be removed from my kitchen.

The day I saw her for the second time, Pierre’s father was flying from Paris to Bern. It was the first time he had ever been to Bern. The plane he was on crashed. To this day, we have not been able to find his body.

“Raza, forget it and get ready to go to the office …” Pierre said as I got out of bed … but I could not forget my mother’s dream..there will be a disaster today … what will it be? Even as I was getting ready to go to the office, I thought …
It was 9 o’clock. I went out to the office and hugged Pierre tightly.

“Be careful gold” I told him …
“Because you look scared” Pierre said it was true … I have a big fear in the back of my mind today …. something is going to happen today … but if anything happens to Pierre my life will be ruined …. I love him so much …

“Something happened every day when I saw Pier’s mother..I’m scared” Pier smiled.
Coming out of the yard gate, I hugged Pierre again … I stared at him for a while until he got up.

I shouted at Pierre and told him not to ride loudly..he looked at me and smiled …

I went to the office that day but I had a deep regret … something was happening today … I always thought … I took the small pill bottle from the bag and threw two pills out of it. It lowers my headache and my blood pressure. Yes. I have to be calm … I have to bear it no matter what … I have to be ready for it … I thought … Every day I saw my mother I had the courage to face everything that happened because of it. I was suffering from high blood pressure. High blood pressure can damage the heart. The only thing I could do was face it calmly, no matter what happened. I was determined. ..
Something is going to happen today.

By 4pm nothing had happened..I made frequent phone calls to my family and Pierre to find out everything they were doing.My father was a lieutenant in the army and he was now retired..My brother worked for a Georgian transport company …. Apart from those two and Pierre, I had a few intentional relatives.

I came home from the office. Pierre came to the house before me. He opened the door and kissed me. As soon as I entered the house, a wind blew and dusted the yard and I looked behind me. Got it.
“Like a hurricane,” I said to Pierre, who was next to me. He removed the curtain from the window and looked outside.

“Yeah … a tornado … is going to hit our house,” he said, and I walked over to him and looked outside.
“I was just kidding … because he’s scared” he keeps laughing … “You ‘re still in that dream. Forget it Raza … they’ re crazy” he said laughing.
I can’t forget it..something will happen today..I’m sure …

We had dinner..I often phoned my family and checked on them..my brother was going to Georgia and my dad was at his house..everything was going well.

After dinner, Pierre and I would go to bed. It was about 10pm … I picked up a book and started reading it. In a moment, midnight would come … nothing would happen today … maybe just like Pyotr said. I’m in a trance. I breathed a sigh of relief …

Suddenly the phone rang … I picked it up … the call came back from the Georgian transport company where my brother worked.
“My brother is in an accident …” I shouted. Pierre ran over … “I said something was going on today.”
I cried … he did everything he could to comfort me … my body went cold. My heart was pounding … I had to face whatever happened … I opened the bag and took a few pills from the medicine bottle and put them in my mouth.

I tried to call my brother’s phone several times but there was no response … I called my father … he picked up the phone …
That’s all I could say, “Daddy’s brother had an accident.” Suddenly I got a call from my brother’s phone and I answered it.
“Sister, there is nothing to be afraid of …. my leg is slightly injured …. I am in the hospital and the last person who drove ..”

He hung up the phone and said I would take it later. I breathed a sigh of relief. Thank God … his life was spared … Pierre was sitting next to me and squeezing my shoulder. I suddenly remembered my father. The phone call from my brother. So I may have accidentally disconnected the call from my father. I tried to call him again but it all failed …. he does not pick up the phone..this is not possible … no matter what happens my father does not answer the phone call. … I’m scared here..because he lived on the same Halabyan road as we did, at that moment Pierre and I went to his house ..

The house was locked … no matter how many times I knocked on the door, it would not open.

The phone hanging on the wall had fallen on the floor next to him. He must have had a heart attack because of what I said about my brother. He must have been holding the phone tightly. Why did I say that about my brother at once ….. I don’t know..that miserable dream has completely paralyzed me..I hate it..I hate it …

I came home the day my father was buried and I was crying in the living room. Pierre came over to me and sat down.
“I hate my mother, Pierre … My whole head was confused by that dream back then … I should not have told my father all at once …” I cried. “If I had not done so, my father would still be alive today.”
“I hate my mother, Pierre … she’s dead, but she’s not letting me comfort her.” I grabbed Pierre’s shoulder tightly …

Raza … don’t you hate mom … maybe mom is coming to you because of the love you have?” He asked ..
“Because of love … we had a big disaster every day, Pierre …” His face shrunk from my speech … he began to think …
“Raza … you’re just as weak as your mother. You have the same blood pressure as your mother … it’s hard for you to deal with things like this all at once … like it happened to your father … we have to bear it all at once. Can’t … ”
“When you dream of your mother, you know it’s going to be a disaster. You’re getting ready for it. You ‘ve taken medicine a few times today.
“What are you trying to say, Pierre?” I asked …

“Your mother loves you … she wants to keep you alive … these other disasters are unimaginable to the mother, but they will happen anyway … but she wants to tell you about it in advance … because then you can bear it ..” You’re getting ready for it … Mom loves you Raza..Sometimes she doesn’t want to see you die of a sudden trauma like her …. Mom is trying to keep you alive …. It may hurt you but she saves your life … ”

Postscript: Get Astrology from People, Anjanam, While the magicians have become millionaires today, the common people who make them millionaires have become extremely poor. Because all this is based on the myth that he has inserted in his own head..people are addicted to myths..they seek life through those illusions.


Story: 83 years old

Author : Nissh.M

83 years old student
83 years old student


It was a wonderful day when I was in high school

One morning when I came to class a woman was sitting on a bench in front of the class … I was surprised that she was sitting in my classroom when she was about 80 years old..there were even children in the classroom at that moment “The dilemma of who she was …
It showed their faces in the wild … they whispered to each other.

Gradually the classroom was filled with children and the class bell rang … We thought this old lady would leave the class at the beginning of the class but it was not so … The students were all waiting to find out what was going on but no one was talking to the woman Didn’t try to …
Some murmured to each other that she was mentally ill and others that she must be the grandmother of someone in the same class …

As soon as the class bell rang, the teacher came to our class … We thought she would be surprised to see the old lady too but it was not so … She came to the classroom and greeted the old lady with a smile.
“Children, this is Matilda” She introduced us to that old lady …
“Matilda will be studying with you in this class from today” she said and all the students in the class laughed …. Matilda didn’t care … she also looked at us and smiled ..

From then on, Matilda became one of our classmates … some called her “Matilda Grandma” and some simply called her “Grandma” and the naughty boys and girls in the class called her “Nakichi”. Didn’t take … She just laughed at all those moments … This was like a slap in the face to those who called her Nakichi …

A few days passed..she gradually became a familiar character to the children..even the children who initially rejected her became friends with her later..she came to school every day on time..when she came to class I saw her sweeping the classroom alone A scene..some days she brings her own cooked food to class and almost all the kids in the class enjoy eating it..slowly we all become her friends …

But the parents of the school children were not so keen on Matilda learning at our school … Many people had even complained to the principal about an old woman being teased with younger children …

Somehow time passed and the day came for our school monthly meeting … The principal had given Matilda a chance to speak at this council meeting as well …

The day of the meeting was approaching … As soon as Matilda’s name was mentioned, she slowly made her way to the stage … It must have taken her a few minutes to get on stage completely … .
Matilda stepped onto the stage, stood in front of the microphone, put on her spectacles, looked at us from the stage for a moment, and began her conversation.

“I’m Matilda … 83 years old …
I had a great desire to learn..I did not get to study when I was a child..It was during the Second World War..even the little children suffered to save their lives for fear of war..they were not fortunate enough to learn..I was one of them. During the war we lived in the jungle … we escaped from the jungle to the jungle and we saved lives … until I grew up we had only one fight in life … that was the battle to save lives … to learn for the people who fight that Not applicable … there is only the fear of death …

I got married at the age of 15..there was a lot of suffering for the children and the husband..the children were brought up..they were well educated..but I always had the desire to learn someday …

My children grew up and they got married. They moved separately …. My husband and I were alone … My husband also died 2 months ago now …

Tears welled up in her eyes.

“When my husband died I realized that I too did not have much time to live..so I decided to fulfill the desire I had in my heart since I was a child … I just wanted to learn..to read the books I loved the most before I died … my Write a letter in my own handwriting to the children … then I can die happily … as someone who fulfilled the dream I had in my childhood. ”
As she finished her speech, a great silence spread throughout the congregation.

From then on, Matilda became a popular figure among our school children and parents. During her remaining years at school, she mastered the art of writing and reading. She was a regular contributor to the school magazine and later became the editor of the school magazine.
Matilda died two years later … almost all the students at the school attended her death …

If anyone asks me “Who is the bravest woman I have ever seen in my life” I have only one answer.
I saw in her an unparalleled courage that “no one” had …

As she had hoped, she would have died “as a dream come true from a young age” …. I believe it.


Story: Freada

Author : Nissh.M

Born into an aristocratic family in Loko, Fida was known in the village as the “Red-haired Girl.” I think I loved that smile ..

When I first met her in high school in Loko, she was a little girl about 15 years old … I loved her from the first day I saw her. Every day I spent with her at school was a beautiful day …. close to her smiling figure Gradually I began to fall in love with her charming, subtle and humble personality …

As time went on, the day of leaving high school was approaching … On the last day of school I told her about my love …
Tears welled up in her eyes … and she hugged me …
“I loved you too …. a lot …” she said …

I have heard that all the joys of life will end in pain, but I believed it until it happened to me too. In the rest of the story here I am going to tell you about it.

Her family was opposed to the love of Frieda and me … There was no class division in the world … but it affected at crucial moments in life … When I informed my family of my and Frieda’s marriage proposal, they strongly opposed it.

“The aristocrats … do not get along with the farmers …. your father is a farmer in Loko …. Frieda will marry someone of our lineage someday …. you look after your own thing …” Frieda’s father told me …

It did not end there … Amidst family opposition, she and I decided to flee to Zurich, but miraculously, the plan changed …

I had received a letter from the government asking me to join the army. According to the law of the day, every young person over the age of 18 should join the army for two years. Breaking government law goes beyond a serious crime. Reluctantly the youth joined the army …. so did I.

As soon as she came back, I promised her that I would marry Fida in spite of any obstacles. On the day we said goodbye, she cried a lot.
“Sean .. I promise .. I’m waiting for you to come … Frieda is always yours … no matter what, it’s not going to change” she said giving me a kiss …

“You can have many beautiful dreams … but never believe in fate … it will destroy your dreams in an instant …”

For several months after joining the Army, Frieda spoke to me daily, sending her own handwritten letters once a week … but all of a sudden it stopped … and her phone calls went unanswered … and the letters sent to her came back to me. .. I was shocked …. in great pain …. sad …. I do not know what happened to her …

As time went on, the day of the end of my military service came … The day I left the army, I went to Frieda’s house. But Frieda’s parents did not allow me to enter their house.

“Frieda is getting married … so you do not mind coming back” Her father kicked me out of the house …. They even gave me a small handwritten letter from Frieda …

“Don’t come see me … forget it” it said … I kept my promise to her for two years … but she deliberately easily forgot it all ….

A few days after this incident, Farida’s mother came to see me … there was an indescribable pain in her eyes …
As soon as she saw me she started to cry …

“We’m sorry we kicked you out of the house that day … we did not have to … but Frieda was in so much pain … she did not want to see you .. she could not face you …” she cried. ..
“After that boy left, we had a big disaster … One day our farm caught fire … Frieda was also caught in the fire … She was burned …
She’s not the same Farida as she used to be … this envelope has some pictures of her … that kid look at them … “She got up to leave.
“Anyway, when you look at those pictures, the boy forgets Frieda. It’s better to know the truth and forget it than to live in pain. That’s why I came on this trip today.” She said and left …

I opened the envelope … there were some photos of it …. I could not identify if it was Frieda … she was so disfigured …. the fire had completely destroyed her beautiful image …. her Her red hair is completely gone …. her face is completely distorted …. I stared at those photos for a moment …

The heart was filled with the wonderful loving thoughts that came with the pain …. everything in our past appeared before my eyes like a movie …. I fell in love with her …. that love went beyond the love attached to the image with a deliberately beautiful love .. ..He is deformed today but this is the Farida I loved …. she must be trying to separate from me because of the love she has for me … she may not want me to suffer there because of her deformity … I know Freida very well. ..How much more pain does she have than me … how can a woman bear ugliness?

immediately ran to her house … I bought a beautiful bouquet from a flower shop on Loko Mawatha and took it to her house … Her parents were surprised to see me … He looked at the bouquet in my hand and hugged me .. They let me go to Farida …
I went to her room … she was lying in bed … as soon as she saw me she turned the other way and covered her face … I knelt in front of her …

“Frieda … I still love you then … There is no difference in that love … I will always look after you with love … Will you marry me?” I asked her …
Frieda came running to me … hugged me … she cried for hours that day … cried until the pain in her heart was over …
We got married … had children too … she is still my Farida.


Story: LJ

Author : Nissh.M


Suddenly I lost my job and my wife and I became extremely miserable. My wife also did not have a job. Except we lived in a rented house.

This house on Guy Street was completely closed after my grandmother’s death. After my grandmother’s death, no one came to live in this house.

My wife and I cleaned this house for two or three consecutive days, which was very dirty because it had been closed for a long time. Somehow we were able to clean and restore it in a few days.

But from the first day I came to live here, I had a strange anxiety. I had the thought that there was only me and my wife and a third person living in the house.
I always felt it. Every time I went to the kitchen, even in the living room or in the living room, I felt like no one was looking at me.
There were three rooms in the house, two of which had been cleaned, but we could not clean the third.
There was a window in the corner of the room. While I was cleaning the room, the window suddenly closed. I thought the window might have been closed by a gust of wind and I went and opened it again. I opened it and closed it again after a while. I was scared. Suddenly I heard someone behind me whispering in my ear.
I could hear that voice clearly … I used to hear it very well … I turned around. But there was no one ….
When I came out of the room, I began to think whose voice I had heard..it was a familiar voice ….. that grandmother’s voice … it was clear to me …. my grandmother called me when I was little LJ Name … She used to call me by the first two letters of my name, Lance Jeffrey.

A day later my brother came to our house to see me. He had a little girl about 3 years old … Her name was Marita and she was a talkative girl.

My brother and I were sitting in the living room talking to my wife and Marita was sitting on the floor in front of us playing. After a while I saw her looking out of the living room window. When I saw that, my wife asked, “Why is that?” I said nothing and sat down again. We fell into conversation again.

While talking, I was always looking at Marita. Marita, who had been playing for a while, looked at the kitchen again. After looking at it for a while, she started muttering something.

My brother looked at her and went over to her and asked, “What is the daughter talking about alone?”
“LJ .. LJ” she started muttering as she played … My brother looked at me in amazement.
“LJ … is my brother’s childhood name … did you tell that to your daughter?” He asked me.
“No” I nodded ….


Story: LJ

Author : Nissh.M

“Everyone who is born is born to finish something. That is how God creates everyone. Everyone who is born knowingly or unknowingly completes that task.” Ararat muttered to himself.
The time is over at 2pm, his wife’s faint whimpering can barely be heard in his ear, half the night is gone but he still can’t sleep.

Ararat’s house was located on a short lane called Asurman Street on Halabayan Road. There were only flats on that road. The houses, located in a single row along the street, were limited to four seconds. They only had four floors and no elevators. Ararat’s house was on the fourth floor.

Ararat let out a long sigh and leaned over to his wife. He closed his eyes and tried to go to sleep.

He felt his bed shake. It was like no one was shaking it outside. Frightened, he suddenly jumped out of bed.
His wife, Mary, who heard his voice, screamed at once and burst out on the other side. The two waited anxiously for a moment. There was no ghost.
“What happened to the men. The wife jumped on his body. Won’t he let her sleep? Frightened and dancing like crazy, she pulled the peron that had fallen to the floor and got back into bed.”
“That’s why I’m just scared, too,” said Ararat, getting back into bed.
Suddenly his bed began to swing again. He looked around to see if the bed was really shaking. Suddenly the glass flower pot on the table fell to the floor. With this he jumped out of bed again. His wife jumped out of bed and hugged him.

“An earthquake, Ararat, an earthquake,” she said, trembling with fear. This could not have been an earthquake like this. The concrete floor of the ceiling would fall on their heads. Before the ceiling would collapse, they would fall to the ground where they were standing. Since it was the fourth floor, everything would fall down to the ground floor. He looked around to find a place to hide. Can crawl, but this is not the case. In such an earthquake, if you go under a table, you will get stuck in it and die.
Suddenly he remembered something his mother had told him when he was little. “The main door to stand on in an earthquake is the main door,” she told him.

He grabbed his wife’s hand and ran towards the main door.
He opened the door and hugged Huluhas with his own hands. “Stand right in the middle of Huluhas,” he shouted at his wife, “even if the house breaks, the concrete will not break.”
The ceiling shattered in an instant, crashing to the ground, making a loud noise and piercing the cement floor, creating a huge hole. Ararat is sure that the hole will get bigger in a few moments … they have only a short time left
But at the same time, an elderly couple rushed out of the house in front of them, screaming, and Ararat shouted as he saw them trying to run down the stairs.
“Uncle Shore, don’t go down, the stairs are collapsing”
Shocked, they wondered if they could hear what Ararat was saying. They ran straight down the stairs. As they ran, the stairs completely collapsed, causing the elderly couple to fall.

Yes. Ararat looked around. ..They must be rescued, a great Adona was heard from the third floor, the Adona of several people and small children were inside, the earthquake had stopped but the collapse of the building that had been shaken by the earthquake had not yet stopped. ..
It was then that he remembered the house in the middle of the floor …. there was another small house between his house and the house of that old couple. He leaned to the left of the door and knocked on the door of the house.

The door slammed shut. Ararat remembers the small balcony in the house, just below it was the large trash can in the entire apartment complex. This trash can, which was more than 10 feet wide, was so deep that it was the best option to go down to the 4th floor. Ararat feels that ..
The house was already full of dust and crumbling cement stones. He dragged his wife and climbed into the house, the whole house was covered in dust like a mist … He blocked the road and went to the balcony door and broke it and climbed on the balcony. .
“Mary, you need to save your life anyway, do you understand? Go to Halaba Park soon, there’s safety … there’s no tremors after the earthquake … these buildings will collapse in a few more hours, so stay in the park, how can I?” I’ll be right there. “He kissed her.
“Ararat … come with me… let’s go together ..”
“No, Mary, Uncle Shore fell down. If they’re still alive, I can save them both. Promise you ‘ll be in the park,” he hugged her tightly.
“Yes,” she said as she kissed him.

Ararat took Mary to the corner of the balcony, picked her up and took her in his arms. “Okay, nothing will happen to you. It’s going straight into that trash can, it already has a lot of bags on it, so you can not be harmed.” He threw her down from the balcony.
She fell straight into that garbage bag … and in a moment she came out unscathed.

There is no staircase to go down, but Ararat jumps down from the barbed wire fence and sees the men and children trapped on the 3rd floor … the men in the middle trying hard to get their families trapped out of the 3rd floor houses Were engaged in an ordeal.
No other story needs to be taken further than this. You already know about the garbage barrel downstairs on the seventh floor and the people trapped on the third floor. Everything that happens next doesn’t have to be explained to each other.

It is safe to say that Ararat saved the lives of all of them, but Ararat had an accident while trying to save their own lives. He jumped into the garbage barrel while trying to save everyone’s lives.
The most important part of our story begins with this incident.
He was rushed to hospital in an ambulance by paramedics. He was in a critical condition and was in a critical condition. While the doctors were trying to save his life, Ararat also had a wonderful dream.
One middle-aged woman approached him. Her clothes were covered in blood. Her face was not so clear to him, but she called him Ararat and convinced him that she knew him for some reason.
She leaned towards Ararat, and even the look on her blood-stained face frightened him, but he began to listen to her as he realized that the machine was carrying something to say.
“Ararat my daughter is trapped in the first floor of the 62nd building..please save her. Please save my daughter” she said …. but at the same time Ararat appeared in the sky above. It turned pure white … suddenly that white color disappeared and darkened His eyes were blinded by a light … When he opened his eyes he could see the lamp above his bed ….

Many people had gathered around his bed..he had never seen the faces of most of them..suddenly a familiar scent leaned over his shoulder and gave him a kiss on the lips …. it was his wife. “Mary” he muttered slowly .. .Suddenly he remembered that woman …

“Mary has a child trapped in Building 62. We need to save that child …”
Mary glared at him.
“Ararat you can not leave the hospital now” was all she could say, he snatched the saline tube from his hand and ran out of bed and ran to the main door.
For some reason the front door was full of journalists and when they saw Ararat running from the hospital, they picked up their cameras and chased after him. He got into a taxi parked near the hospital and said “Halabyan 62” and the taxi left the hospital in a moment …

When they approached the 62nd building, there were many crane and heavy machinery parked near the building. They were picking up people who were trapped in the large concrete floors of the building.
Ararat went ahead through the boulders on the first floor of the building and found the 3rd house. He told the workers to remove the concrete floor covering it. Ararat turned around and saw the woman he had seen in the hospital. It was the body of a small child under her body. Upon learning that the prisoner was still alive, Ararat handed her over to the officers behind him … but the woman had already died.

The story does not end here. Ararat, the protagonist of our story, saved the lives of more than 10 people and became a hero. He had been invited to an open discussion by a major channel.
The journalist asked him the question,
“How exactly did you find that baby?”
“The child’s mother told me that,” Ararat replied with a smile.
“Why did that mother choose you to save her child, Ararat? You said earlier that you did not know her before,” the journalist asked again.
Yeah Al that sounds pretty crap to me, Looks like BT aint for me either. I must have been the only one who could … “Ararat said … and at the same time the applause of the audience around him filled the whole hall for a moment. Go. That is how God created everyone, knowingly or unknowingly.

The aftermath – I experienced an earthquake in 2014 – that shock is still in my head. That is the reason why I am writing about the Halabyan earthquake. Halabyan Street is a street where I lived for a long time. Most of the stories in this book are written by me from the Halabyan Park.


Story: Reflection of the mirror.

Author : Nissh.M

Reflection of the mirror.
Reflection of the mirror.

It is up to you to believe or disbelieve what I am writing here.

At the time of this incident, my wife was hospitalized with a serious neurological disorder.
I was not an honest man. For a few years after marriage I was alone with her but then I fell in love with a few women. So you should not think of me as a husband who fell in love with his wife only with sincere love.
My wife was hospitalized when her neurological condition worsened. She had to be treated at the hospital for about 3 months. I did nothing more than go to the hospital to see her after the office ended in the afternoon. Did she have the food she needed in the evening? I used to go straight to the hospital to pick her up and then go to see Linda.
(I told you I was a naughty man … Linda was a woman who fell in love with me within 3 months of my wife being hospitalized.)

One day when I was going to the hospital, my wife was not in her ward. When I asked the nurse about it, she said that my wife had been transferred to another cell for an emergency cell operation. She was not allowed to see him.
I called Linda. Her rented house was next to the hospital. So I decided to go there and come back to the hospital in a few hours.

I went to Linda’s house and slept with her … I was lying in her bed for about an hour and I got up because I had to go to the hospital. Linda was sleeping in the bed next to me .. she was sound asleep. I went to her bathroom. There was a big mirror on one side of this bathroom. I washed my face from it … I was getting ready to comb my hair … Suddenly I saw a picture of someone standing behind me in the mirror and my whole body went cold .. My hand The comb just fell off my hands … I didn’t look back. There could be no one in this house except Linda and me. I must have stared at the image I saw in the mirror for a moment …

I recognized it … it was my wife..she was just standing behind me..there was a deliberate sad look in her eyes..she face was pale..she said nothing..but her heart sank with sadness..it Her eyes reflected … I could not look at her … I did not have the strength to look at her … I was in another woman’s house … in another woman’s bathroom.
The image lasted only a few seconds and then suddenly it disappeared.

I ran out of the bathroom on purpose … my heart was pounding when I came to Linda’s room ….. she did not see me sitting drunk ….. on the one hand it was good ..

Suddenly my phone rang … I answered it ..
“Miss Daily”
” Yes ”
“I’m calling from Warsaw Hospital … I’m so sorry … your wife died a short while ago …”
I did not answer … I hung up the phone …
I do not know what to say … I saw her a little while ago ….
I can still remember the pain on her face … even though she knew I was in a relationship with other women, she never told me anything about it … I sometimes wondered how she could endure this much..but that painful One thing was clear to me from her face. She must have suffered a lot because of my behavior without saying anything. She must have felt a lot of pain about missing her even while she was in the hospital. I think it was the pain on her face … How can I forgive myself?

Postscript: You will never understand a woman’s love. It is amazing. There is boundless energy in her sacrifices for love.


Story: The people closer to us.

Author : Nissh.M

Everything changes over time. So is Leon ….
Leon was our best friend in the family … we had more brotherly friendship than friendship … I accepted Leon like my own brother.

Leon first joined our family as a friend but then he became part of our family. We got to know his family … his mother became very close with us …. my wife’s mother passed away when she was a child … that Because my wife treated Leon’s mother like her own mother …
But Leon’s mother died of leukemia prematurely … my wife was with her at the last moment.

After my mother’s death, Leon became closer to our family. Leon had two children. We loved those children as much as our own children. Some days we even spent the weekend at Leon’s house. ..I believed that Leon would treat my wife the same …
But all this changed because of one incident.
Leon and his family lived in a village called Lusakoon. My wife and I lived in the city. When Leon lost his job, he came to town looking for a job. My wife and I housed him at our house.
Leon got a job at a bank in town … so he had to stay at our house for a while.
Leon spent the first few days at our house happily, but after a while he got home late … sometimes it’s midnight to come home … he said he’s late because of office work..we accepted that too ..
But as his behavior changed, my wife began to suspect him.
“Leon has another affair. He always comes home to be with that girl.” My wife told me one day.
“Why do you say that?” I asked.
“Can’t you see … he always comes home after 12pm..no office is left here until 12pm..do you think he’s in the office?”
“Okay but it doesn’t apply to us … it’s a matter of her personal life” I told her ..
“How can that be … then what happens to Scarlett..what happens to the two children … that village suffers … this man comes to town and falls in love with someone else …. I talked to Scarlett yesterday..he has children With her dad at home … those people are the ones feeding the kids..not Leon..so how can you say this is his personal problem … ”
If women have any doubts, they will not give up until they find out exactly. I knew very well that my wife was going to the end of this, but I did not know what the end of this would be.
A few days passed. One day, as soon as I came home from work, my wife Leon started to leave.
“I told him he had a connection … that’s right … I called his office yesterday … the guard said no one was allowed in the office after 7 p.m.”
“I talked to Scarlett yesterday..not Leon was looking for her now..at least they cut her off when she called … she also wondered if Leon had any other connection..but I was not going to say these things … take that sin Just get upset when I say these things .. “She told me …

I knew in that look that Leon and I had lost touch with each other.

Now my wife has confirmed her suspicions …. Once a woman has confirmed her suspicions, the result is very dangerous …
Leon did not change after this incident..he had the same habits..but when he came home he started acting well..he started bragging about his work duties and the businessmen he met …
“He says..we listen like idiots..but he does not know that we all know what he did”

“I’ll finish this … I’ll tell Leon not to come to our house again tomorrow …” My wife told me about her final decision …
The next day he called Leon and told him not to come to our house again..everything was over..the relationship between me and Leon for years would end..I felt so sad..it must have been easy for my wife..but It’s not so easy for me to get rid of Leon … I’m so loyal to him …
This incident made me angry with my wife … I had a fight with her that night … I wanted to hurt her as much as I could … until she realized that she had done something wrong …
“I do not know how many more you will take away from my life …” I scolded her ..
She cried.
“You don’t care what happens to your girl. You don’t care what Leon does to me.” She cried …
With that story my mind calmed down for a moment..suddenly my mind became suspicious..my wife meant something different from that story ….. there is something she does not tell me …
I sat next to him ..
“Tell me..what is the meaning of that story …”
She looked at me … tears welled up in her eyes ..
“I told you she’s not Leon before … she’s very different now … she used to look like a sister to me but now she’s not .. now she has a different thing in her heart .. It’s true he has an affair with another woman … but more than that, if he stays in this house, it could be a problem for our family life. ”
“I mean … what did Leon do to you” I asked ..
“One day while I was changing clothes she came to my room … I scolded her and chased her away … but she was not behaving like her sister at the time … I just wanted to send Leon out of this house because of that incident …” she cried.

Postscript – You have had similar experiences..It is very difficult to understand people..People change very quickly..even though we are close friends and people we love a lot.


Story: The dream that god didn’t care.

Author : Nissh.M

At half past six, Shore got out, looking at his watch. He put the computer bag over his shoulder and drove along the Opera Short Road to Mastos Junction.
Box buses were a type of van. Most box buses ran in Eastern Europe.
Something that bored me so much that I went on the box bus at the time I left the office.
When he saw the 38 box bus coming from the shore, he immediately barked a little, waiting to face your death. As soon as the bus stopped, the shore slammed shut … The back seat was empty …
There are no conductors in the box buses like there are in other buses. The people in the bus have to close the door too. No matter how far the bus goes, it’s only a hundred drums. The back row where Shore was sitting was very full. … the box bus is crowded, but everyone can get on when they leave the office, so they can see an infinite number of people standing.

When he got stuck in the back seat, Shore remembered a dream he had last night..it was a very dirty dream. But you have to tell this story because you want to know this story from the beginning to the end.
He remembers having a similar dream when Shore Punch was there. It was a day when Shore was very excited. In a nutshell, Shore was lying in bed because he drank two pills. He was about 10 years old then.
Shore saw that dream that day … that dream was very ugly. Shore hates to be reminded of that dream again.
Shore’s whole body felt like it was on fire. It’s like a piece of plastic melt into a drinking straw and fall to the ground like a piece of plastic melting and falling to the ground. He saw the pain well, even though it was a dream. He felt the pain. He felt that pain through all her hair follicles. It was like it was really burning. He suddenly woke up screaming.
His whole body was drenched in sweat. Some dreams are remembered for a few seconds after waking up but this dream is not like that. He still remembers every part of that dream well as he did then. Shore thought about that dream from time to time. Even if it was a dream, it would come to mind again and again. I will never forget it. The same thing happened to Shore. He compared that dream with different things over the years. That’s enough..because Shore has heard that many souls remember what happened in the past. .Because Rostov killed campus students by burning them in tires. He thought there must be a connection between Shore’s dream and Rustov’s murder.

This was the dream that Shore had in his mind as he sat in the last row of the bus. Normally Shore did not want to sit in the last row of the bus. Also in the front row. Because most people die in a collision because of those two lines … Die “Oh, it’s a very sad death
Because of that dream, he had a miserable death …
Came to the last seat of the crime. Shore told himself. But now there is nothing to do. At least getting off the bus is difficult. The bus is so crowded.
Shore is a man who has always believed in God. “Oh my God, it’s okay to die, don’t burn to death,” he pleaded. Now you can see how much that dream affected Shore’s mind.

The box bus was diverted from Avon Junction to Sethu. A short distance away, Shore looked out the window. The bus was crowded, so it was hot inside the bus. Sat down … Suddenly he felt something touch Cyril’s leg.
There’s something under the seat behind the pages … Shore wondered what might have happened. The gas tank.
Having a gas tank under the seat is not a good thing … gas is a fire … he looked around to see if there was a way to escape at least if something happened … but it didn’t work. If you try to unload everything, it will take minutes …
“Oh my God .. no matter what happens, don’t die if you catch fire” he whispered in his usual line of words …
He peeked out of the window. “It’s a little farther …” His mind lightened as the bus passed Setun Junction. I can get off in another 10 minutes. Thought.

The bus came to a halt … a woman inside the bus gave the driver a hundred dirhams and tried to get off but the door would not open. She tried to open the door several times but it failed. Two other people inside the bus tried to open the door but could not. The doors of the pit were open so that … sometimes the lock gets stuck and it is not easy to open.
I got out of the seat in front of the driver and tried to open the door..but it didn’t work either..he took an iron rod from under the driver’s seat and put it under the lock … but it didn’t work either ….
Shore was waiting in the back seat. The door of the bus suddenly locked. The gas tank under the last seat. He was sweating. If a vehicle comes from behind and hits this bus, the gas tank lock will definitely turn. The gas explodes in the same shock..then everyone on the bus will be on fire … everyone except the driver will be burnt to death …

Shore tried to get up with his computer bag..but it was hard for Thea to get up from the back seat..he suddenly heard a noise from behind..slow down a bit and he looked out the window..he saw the bus hit a few feet behind. Two cars collided and the two cars were pushed right in the middle of the road. After a while he saw a truck coming towards the two cars. The truck that collided with the two cars cut on the left side. To the side of the bus … to the back seat where Shore was sitting …
“Oh my God …. it’s okay to die, don’t burn to death” Shore prayed for the last time ..

Postscript – Part of this story is a true story that happened one day in Armenia..In the Soviet countries, large vans are still used for passenger transport. They are called box buses. The bus stops … People try to get off the bus but can’t get off because the door of the bus does not open. Somehow the drivers got off and tried to open the door but could not … I sat in the back seat and watched the incident. Under the last seat of these buses. So I put this chain of events together to create the story of the “God-ignored dream”.