Why do we say “cheese” when we’re having our picture taken?

The phrase “cheese” is commonly used when taking photographs because it helps people form a natural-looking smile. When someone says “cheese,” it typically prompts the mouth to stretch into a smile-like shape. This practice is especially helpful when taking portraits, as a smile is often seen as a positive and appealing facial expression.

The “cheese” technique has been used for many years to encourage people to relax their facial muscles and create a more pleasant appearance in photographs. Smiles are generally associated with happiness and friendliness, so photographers and subjects alike have adopted this practice to capture more flattering and engaging images.

The sound of the word “cheese” also tends to force the mouth into a position that resembles a smile. The “ee” sound at the end of the word encourages the lips to lift and the corners of the mouth to turn upward.

It’s worth noting that different cultures and languages have their own variations of words or phrases used to prompt a smile during photography. For instance, in Spanish, people might say “queso,” which means “cheese.” In other languages, different words with similar sounds or meanings might be used for the same purpose.

Ultimately, the goal of using “cheese” or similar prompts is to create a more visually appealing and natural-looking expression in photographs, helping to capture the moment with a happy and engaging demeanor.

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