Top 100 hardest riddles in the world with answers

Here is the Top 100 hardest riddles in the world with answers, All the riddles are Tricky, Logical and very difficult to solve. So if you can find right answers within few minutes then your a Genius.

Top 100 hardest riddles in the world with answers
Top 100 hardest riddles in the world with answers


Well then, Let’s sharp your mind! Here is top 100 hardest riddles in the world.

All the answers in the Box 


Why is an accepted suitor like a person guilty of a crime?

Because he ought to be transported.

Why are religious communities like bees ?

Because they are insects.

What tree pinches the Jews ?

The Jew-nipper.

What wood makes the best piano?


Why is a girl not a noun ?

Because a lass (alas) is an interjection

Why are indolent persons’ beds too short for them?

Because they lie too long in them.

When is a man like a looking-glass?

When he reflects.

When is a window like a star ?

When it is a skylight.

Why is a widower like a house in a state of dilapidation ?

Because he wants re-pairing.


Remember, These Riddles  only genius can solve


What part of their infant tuition have old bachelors and old maids most profited by ?

Learning to go alone.

When is a wine-glass like an accomplished prediction ?

When it is fulfilled.

What is the difference between soldiers and fishermen ?


Why is the letter E like death ?

Because it is the end of life.

Why is a lady in a cotton dress like anything published ?

Because she appears in print.

What is the difference between soldiers and fishermen ?

The first employs the bayonet, and the latter nets the bay

Why is a flirt like an indian-rubber ball ?

Because she is empty and full of bounce

When was B the first letter in the alphabet?

In the days of no A (Noah).

When is a man like the letter B ?

When he is in bed.

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Which is the longest letter in the alphabet ?

An 1 (ell.)

What is that which never asks any questions, and yet requires many answers ?

The door-bell.

Why is my servant, when she travels to Kew by a public conveyance, likely to prove a burden to her friends ?

Because she is Ann in Kew bus (incubus).

Why is the mark known as cedilla in the French alphabet like a pearl ?

Because it is found at the bottom of thee (sea).

Why is the Bank of England during a shower
like a civic feast?

Because it is a bank wet (banquet).

Why is setting up a shop in a bad thoroughfare like opening an oyster ?

Because, although you open it, it wont answer.

What quadrupeds are admitted to balls, operas, and dinner-parties ?

White kids.

What flower would remind you of a lion that took a great deal of care about his personal appear-

Dandelion (dandy-lion).

Why does an orator resemble a pawnbroker ?

Because he lives by spouting.

Why does a sculptor resemble a tippler ?

Because he is everlastingly soaking his clay.

Why may a sculptor be said to be the richest of men?

Because he may draw upon his banker when- ever he pleases. [Banker, the moveable table on which he carves his bust].

What intoxicating beverage is that to which teetotallers least object ?

That which is always absinthe (pronounced absent).

Why are birds in spring like a banking esta- blishment ?

ecause they issue promissory notes, and re- joice when the branches are flourishing.

What public building resembles a celebrated character in English history ?

The Houses of Parliament, for aren’t they  all-of-a-crumble (Oliver Cromwell).


Even if you’re unable to answer right its Ok, But it’s worth to try.


Why is a cocksparrow like a culprit called up for trial ?

ecause he is brought up by the beak.

What is the difference between a window facing the street, and a person with the lumbago ?

One has a pane in the front — the other a pain in the back

Why does a flower resemble a public lecturer ? 

Because it depends on its (s) talk.

Why are a pin and a poker like a blind man ?

Because they have a head and no eyes.

When does a carver remind you of a fop?  

When he parts his hair (hare) in the middle.

Why is a ship’s cable like a roadside berry ?

Because it’s a haw sir (hawser).

When may the sea be compared to a laundress washing summer trousers at a tub ?

When it makes clean breaches over a vessel.

If a stupid fellow is going up for competitive examination, why should he study the letter P ?

Because it can make an ass p-ass.

What is the difference between Charles Kean and Jonah ?

Charles Kean was brought up at Eton; Jonah was eaten and brought up.

Why is a retired milkman like the whale that swallowed Jonah?

Because he took the “profit ” out of the water.

To which age do most girls wish to attain ?


What is Blondin’s profession ?

The Public line.

Which female Christian name conveys a pathetic request ?

(Ophelia)—Oh ! feel here.

When is an author like spirit ?  

When he is at proof.

Why is a ladder like a prize fight ?

Because it is made up of rounds.

What toe would you kiss in preference to the
Pope’s ?

Harriet Beecher’tf Towe.

Which theatre has the greatest wonder ?

The Adelphi—because it has a speaking Mellon.

What is the difference between a girl and a potato ?

The one wears a gown, and the other a jacket.

How many right answers have you got so far? 


What occupation for men do ladies most dis- like?

A coward (cow-herd).

When are ladies cut to pieces?

When they are better-Aafees.

Which fish would marrying ladies select for breakfast ?


When is a ball not a ball ?

When it’s no ball (snowball).

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Why is a tallow chandler the most unfortunate of men?

Because all his works are wicked, and all his wicked works are brought to light.

What used to be the most fashionable cap in Paris?

A mob cap without a crown

What is that which has neither flesh nor bone and yet has four fingers and a thumb?

A glove.

Three feet I have, but ne’er attempt to go, And many nails thereon, but not one toe?

A yard measure.

Why are true lovers’ knots out of fashion ?

Because they are not novel-ties.

Why is the prize-ring like a book of botanical
preparations ?

Because you see in it specimens of the British floorer (Flora).

Why is Somerset House like a favorite popular melody?

Because it is “in the Strand.”

Why are lawyers’ clerks like the telegrams of the daily press ?

Because they are B-euter’s (writers).

Why do fishermen possess extraordinary medical powers 

Because they cure dead fish.

Why are an ear of wheat and an oak similar
in origin ?

Because they both spring from a-com.

Why is Blondin like a prizefighter ?

Because he can’t get his living without some assaults.

Which of the English monarchs had most rea- son to complain of his laundress ?

John, when ho lost his baggage in the Wash.

When can you drink out of a flagstaff?

When it holds a flagon.

Why was the surrender of Mason and Slidell like Bass’s pale ale ?

Because it was a bitter draught brewed on the Trent.

If a bear were to go into a linendraper’s shop, what would he want?

He would want muzzlin.

Can you tell me why A hypocrite’s eye Can better descry Than you or I On how many toes A pussy cat goes ?

A man of deceit Can best counterfeit, And so, I suppose, He can best count her toes.

Why is B like a hot fire !

Because it makes oil boil.

What is a good sleeping draught ?

Taking a dose.

Why is D like a squalling child ?

Because it makes ma mad.

Why is L like giving a sweetheart away 1

Because it makes over a lover.

Why is Q rather impertinent ?

Because it is always inquisitive.

Why is S like a smart repartee ?

Because it begins and ends in sauciness.

Why is T like an amphibious animal ?

Because it is found both in earth and water,

Why is a fee to a barrister like an agreement ?

Because it is a bar-gain.

What two letters in the alphabet form the name of a county in England noted for agriculture ?

S X (Essex).

Why should Denmark be an eminently religious country ?

Because it has had so many Christians kings.

Upon what musical instrument are most High Church people skilful performers ?

The cymbals (Symbols).

If a rogue were engaged to sing a chorus, what part would be the most suitable to assign to him ?

The bass (Base).


These are hardest, Is not it? Don’t give up try all the riddles.


When does truth cease to be truth ?

When it ” lies at the bottom of a well.”

Why is geology considered a deep “science?”

Because it penetrates into the earth.

Why is China a desirable country for a lady to select a husband in?

Because she can go from Pekin (picking) to Chusan (choosing).

What is the difference between a bad child and a prisoner locked up by himself?

One gets the whip, the other a hiding.

What is the difference between a boy “over whose head twelve .summers have passed,” and a man taking a nap ?

One is twelve, the other a dozing (dozen).

Why is an air played by an orchestra like Italian robbers ?

Because it is a band ditty.


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What is the difference between Leotard and a gardener ?

One goes to trapeze (trap A’s), the other to trap Bees.

What is the difference between a sailor on duty and a sailor discharged ?

One goes to sea, the other ceases to go.

If a rifle does what it is told, why is it no longer a rifle ?

Because it’s obeyin’ it (a bayonet).

Why is I of all the vowels most likely to get to heaven ?

Because E is in hell and all the rest in purgatory.

What sweetens the cup of life, yet, divested of its end, embitters the most grateful draught?


My first implies equality, my second the title of a foreign nobleman, and my whole is asked and given a hundred times a day with equal indifference, and yet is of so much importance, that it has saved the lives of thousands.


What is the difference between war and love?

One breaks heads, the other hearts.

Why is an Irishman mending his clothes like a rich man ?

Because he is making up his rents.

Why is love like a duck’s foot?

Because it often lies hidden in the breast.

Why is an historical event like a parcel untied and tied again?

Because it is re-corded.

Why is matrimony like a besieged city :

Because those who are in it wish to be out, and those who are out wish to be in.

Why is a watchdog bister by night than by day?

Because he is let out at night, and taken in, in the morning.

How many foreigners make a man uncivil?

Forty Poles make one rude (rood).


Well, we done with all the 100 riddles, So how many right answers you have got?

Keep the comment below so every one will knows. 🙂 


What is the use of riddles and how to teach a child to guess them

Parents do not always know and do not think about the benefits of riddles for children. The riddle plays an important role in the development of the child.

Riddles are a special funny, interesting, mysterious world. By the way, the word “riddle” itself is of ancient origin. In the Old Russian language, the word “guess” meant “think“, “reflect“. The riddle gives a substantive description of some phenomenon for the recognition of which requires considerable thought. And at the same time, with all the complexity of the riddles, this is a game designed for fun, comic mood, joyful anticipation of the correct answer.


Teach a poetic vision of the world, thinking outside the box.

Expand their horizons and ideas about the world around them.

Help to activate attention, the ability to understand and feel thin image.

Develop imagination, speech, curiosity; train memory.

Many children love to guess riddles, and this fascinates them. Finding a clue is very interesting and fun. Always encourage children to be interested in riddles. They teach to think and analyze, enrich vocabulary, expand knowledge about the world, instill a love for the native language. Riddles perfectly develop thinking, memory, attention, perseverance. You can solve riddles in a playful way and at ease.

A riddle is a short description of an object or phenomenon. It includes a lot of valuable information about the world around you. From the presented riddle, the child can obtain information about the appearance of the object. Riddles are of great importance for the development of a child’s thinking, as they force to observe, compare and contrast phenomena. Therefore, riddles are a kind of charging for the child’s mind. They teach to think and prove, teach to think logically, analyze, draw conclusions, highlight the most significant signs and phenomena, and thus develop the mental abilities of the child.

Teach your child to solve riddles

Well, It’s important to teach children to solve riddles, To guess the answer, the child needs to identify all the signs of an object or phenomenon, compare them with each other, remember where he saw this or that object. If it is difficult for a child to guess, do not rush to immediately tell the answer. Give time to think, otherwise interest in riddles will quickly disappear. Children should be taught to consciously guess riddles, understand their content, look for solutions and, which is important, explain and prove the correctness of their answer.

Come up with riddles with your child yourself. This is no less exciting and useful than solving. You can come up with riddles about anything. Start with simple descriptions of the things around you. Such creativity teaches the child to speak brightly and figuratively, to look at ordinary objects from a new perspective, to find similarities between different objects. For example: You can play riddles on purpose, that is, explain to the child that he needs to very carefully examine everything around, remember and guess the riddle. Or you can spontaneously, for example, going outside or walking in the park. The main thing is that you yourself know them and can remember them at the right time.

Do not forget to explain to the child that everything is important in the riddle, you cannot miss a single word. After the child has found the answer, it is necessary to find out how he did it, why he decided that way. Such questions teach the kid to reason, explain, prove, and they give you the opportunity to find out the train of his thoughts and, if necessary, correct the conclusions. It is important that the riddles are about one specific topic: today – about animals, tomorrow – about nature, then – about kitchen utensils and so on. Such a narrowing of topics helps the baby to achieve results faster, makes him confident in his abilities.

The child’s attention must be focused on the theme of the riddle and voiced. For example, riddles about vegetables.

Starting to solve riddles with a child, you should not expect quick and correct answers from him right away. It is not worth asking many different riddles the first time. Start with one, watch the reaction. Let the first riddle be very simple, help the child navigate and find the answer on his own, then be sure to praise. The first positive experience will increase the child’s self-esteem and stimulate him to new clues, Develop fun.


Guiding techniques for riddles

Along with the creation of conditions that facilitate guessing, children should be taught to guess the riddle, to correctly solve a logical problem. For the solution to be error-free, you need to know the logical mechanism of guessing, to master the appropriate techniques. Taking into account the peculiarities of the content of the riddle as a logical task, let us consider the specifics and sequence of those mental actions that are performed when guessing. To solve the riddle, you must first highlight the signs of the object indicated in the riddle, that is, make an analysis. Then compare and combine these features, establish possible connections between them, i.e. make synthesis.


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