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Sherlock Moriarty and Watson in Detective Questions  

Sherlock Moriarty and Watson in Detective Questions


Professor Moriarty had been sentenced to sixty days in prison. The warden agreed that for each day he worked sewing mail bags he would receive £7, but for each day he didn’t work he must pay £3 towards the upkeep of the prison. Over the sixty day period, Moriarty earned a total of £170. How many days did Moriarty work?



Sherlock Holmes and Dr Watson were interviewing five criminals regarding a recent crime. All five used an alias. They were known as FINGERS, BUSTER, ROCKY, SHIFTY and SWIFTY. Their real names were JENKINS, HILL, LEWIS, KLINE and MORRIS (but not necessarily in that order). After the interview Dr Watson claimed he could match all five aliases to their real names. “Jenkins is Swifty, Hill is Fingers, Kline is Buster, Lewis is Shifty and Morris is Rocky,” he said to Holmes with confidence. “Well done,” replied Holmes with a smile. “You didn’t match up any of them correctly, Watson.” “Then Jenkins is either Shifty or Buster!” said Watson. “Wrong on both counts,” replied Holmes. “Aha!” cried Watson. “Then Kline is Swifty … Or is he Rocky?” “Neither,” said Holmes shaking his head. “Then Kline is Shifty and either Hill or Lewis is Buster?” asked Watson. “Wrong again, Watson,” replied Holmes. “To tell you the truth, Holmes,” said Watson. “I’m not really interested in any of them.” He slipped out of the interview room, his face red with anger. Can vou match UD each man to his alias?


Real Name Alias

Hill Shifty

Jenkins Rocky

Kline Fingers

Lewis Swifty

Morris Buster


After committing a robbery, Professor Moriarty set up a stall in a market place to sell off the stolen goods. He was selling silver goblets at £3 each, silver candlesticks at £4 each and silver figurines at £5 each. By the time that Sherlock Holmes had tracked him down, Moriarty had sold each and every one of the 2,000 stolen items, collecting a total of £7,500 in the process. How many of each kind did he sell, given that Holmes learned that the combined number of units sold of two types of stolen items (unspecified) came to 506.


Holmes entered Scotland Yard and found Inspector Lestrade slumped over his desk. “You look tired,” remarked Holmes. “Exhausted,” replied Lestrade. “Yesterday I followed a suspect from outside the Yard to Finchley Manor. I walked at an average speed of 4 miles per hour going and 3 miles per hour coming back. It’s little wonder that I look tired, the whole journey took me twenty eight hours in all. Have you any idea, Holmes, just how far it is from here to Finchley Manor?” “You’ve just told me how far it is, old chap,” replied Holmes. “I have?” said Lestrade. “I must be more exhausted than I thought.” How far is it from Scotland Yard to Finchley Manor?


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