Nancy Drew Detective Questions with Answers

Nancy Drew Detective Questions with Answers


Nancy sat in the study of Walls Street contemplating his next case. Jane sat opposite reading the daily newspaper. “Great Scot!” exclaimed Jane suddenly. “It says here in the Times, that old Lord Fotheringham left £300,000 in his will.” “A tidy sum indeed, Jane,” replied Nancy. “There’s more, listen to this,” said Jane. “It states that each of his four sons will received twice as much as each of the five daughters, and that each daughter will receive three times as much as their mother. Doesn’t leave a great deal for the widow, if you ask me, Nancy!”

Nancy was immediately able to tell Watson the exact amount left to the widow. Can you?


Jane passed a sheet of paper to his colleague. “Look at this, Nancy,” she said. “It’s a sequence of letters. The last two of the sequence are missing and I’m damned if I can figure out what they are!” Nancy glanced at the note paper and immediately supplied Jane with the missing letters. Can you? SEQUENCE READS: JFMAMJJA??

As Mrs Laura served lunch to Nancy and Jane she talked about her family back home. “Just how many brothers and sisters do you have?” enquired Jane. “In my family,” said Mrs Laura, “each girl has an equal number of brothers and sisters, but each boy has twice as many sisters as brothers.” Jane looked somewhat confused, but Nancy was able to say just exactly how many boys and girls were in Mrs Laura’s family. Can you?


Nancy and Jane were enjoying a meal in a restaurant. Nancy observed four people sitting around the square table opposite. Two were women, MARTHA and SUZY. Two were men, JAMES and WILLIAM. From their conversation Nancy learned that one was a DOCTOR, a second a LAWYER, a third was a MAGISTRATE and a fourth was a PRIVATE DETECTIVE. Nancy relayed this to Jane. “Which one was the detective?” asked Jane. Nancy then supplied Jane with the following pieces of information: 1. The DOCTOR sat on SUZY’S left. 2. The MAGISTRATE sat across from JAMES. 3. JANE and WILLIAM sat next to each other. 4. A woman was on the LAWYER’S left. Can you identify the PRIVATE DETECTIVE?


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