These questions are called as “Mr Monks detective quiz”, All the 4 questions are super hard and difficult. May be you will fine it easy but worth to try.


Mr Monk and Natalie were having a relaxing game of snooker in their club when they were joined by captain Leland and his sergeant. Someone suggested that they should have a competition using only the fifteen red balls. For each red ball potted the player would receive 1 point. The four of them would play each other once. Each game would end when all the red balls had been potted. The winner of the competition would be the player who scored the most points.
1. Mr Monk scored twice as many points as Natalie in their game.

2. Only one point separated Mr Monk and captain Leland in their game.

3. Natalie beat the sergeant by five points.

4. The sergeant scored one less point against Mr Monk than he did against Natalie .

5. Natalie potted seven balls against captain Leland

6. Mr Monk finished with an odd number of points.

7. The sergeant finished with eighteen points.

Who won the competition and how many points did each player score?



General Smithers invited five people to his country house for dinner. The surnames of the guests were: FOREST, GILES, HANDY, JACKSON and KING. Their vocations were: DOCTOR, ACTRESS, LAWYER, BANKER and WRITER (but not necessarily in that order). During the meal Smithers dropped dead from food poisoning. The poison had been slipped into his meal by one of the guests. When Mr Monk arrived on the scene he was given the following information:

1. JACKSON arrived last, the DOCTOR arriving just ahead of her.

2. The WRITER and the ACTRESS arrived before GILES.

3. Third to arrive was the LAWYER, just ahead of KING.

4. FOREST had seen the ACTRESS put the poison on Smithers’ plate. Mr Monk took the ACTRESS to Scotland Yard for further questioning.

Who was the ACTRESS?


“Now there’s a strange coincidence,” said Mr Monk, dabbing his mouth with his napkin. “What’s that?” asked Natalie. “Each of the three tables around us has seven wine bottles placed upon it.” “How interesting,” grunted Watson, returning to his meal. “You’re missing the point, Watson. I’ve observed that seven bottles are full, seven are half full and seven are empty . . . Yet all three tables have exactly the same amount of wine upon them!” Natalie studied the surrounding three tables. “Great Scot, you’re right, Mr Monk!” he exclaimed at last.

Can you work out the placement of the bottles? (There are two possible answers.)



Mr Monk sat with the other members of the Criminologist’s Club and listened to the Treasurer’s report. “In conclusion,” said the Treasurer, “the repairs to the Club will come to a total of £2040. I propose that this amount should be met by the members, each paying an equal amount.” This proposal was immediately put to the vote and was agreed unanimously. However, four members of the Club chose to resign, leaving the remaining members to pay an extra £17 each.

How many members did the Club originally have?

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