Miss Marple Detective Game Quiz

Miss Marple Detective Game Quiz


Miss Marple, Raymond West and Sir Henry had all decided to take a break away from fighting crime. They all travelled to Ascot and spent a day at the races. It turned out to be a successful day for all three. Miss Marple finished the day winning four times as much as Raymond West, who in turn won twice as much as Sir Henry. If the combined total of their winnings was £66 – how much did they win individually?

Miss Marple preferred to buy her eggs in bulk when she visited the market. “How many did you buy this time?” asked Raymond West. “One hundred and sixty five,”Miss Marple replied. “Great Scot!” exclaimed Raymond West. “However did you carry them all?” “Easy,” replied Mrs Hudson. “I had four baskets with me. And, I might add, I carried an odd number in each basket!” Raymond West thought about this for a moment, before replying, “Poppycock, that’s impossible!” “Not so, Raymond West,” Sir Henry informed him as he gave Miss Marple a wink. How did Miss Marple do it?

24 SMITH, JONES and BROWN were three criminals who met every weekend for a game of cards and to discuss future crimes. Holmes, disguised as a criminal, tricked his way into their card game in the hope of learning more about their activities. Including the disguise taken on by Mrs Marple, there were a FORGER, a BLACKMAILER, a THIEF and a SWINDLER playing. During the card game SMITH was partnered by the FORGER who sat on BROWN’s left. JONES partnered the SWINDLER. Holmes was disguised neither as the FORGER nor the THIEF. Can you match up each name with the criminal activity associated with him?



Mrs Marple decided he would try a little flutter on the stock market. To buy the shares he withdrew two-thirds of his total savings from his bank account. “It was a disaster,” he said to Sir Henry only a few weeks later. “I had to sell the shares at a loss, receiving only two- thirds of the price I had originally paid. My brief venture into the world of high finance has lowered my bank balance by £500!” How much money did Mrs Marple originally have in his bank account?


Mrs Marple and Raymond West were on the trail of two bank robbers. ‘Do we know anything about them?” asked Raymond West as they boarded the Brighton train. “Yes, Raymond West. My enquiries show that they were both born on the same day of the same year and of the same parents.” “So they’re twins!” exclaimed Raymond West. “Not so, Raymond West,” replied Mrs Marple. How is this possible?

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