Father Brown Detective Quiz | 5 Difficult Questions

Father Brown Detective Quiz | 5 Difficult Questions

5 Difficult Questions



Father Brown was speaking to James, the youngest of the Penny Street Irregulars. Father Brown discovered that when James was twice as old as he was then, he would be three times as old as he was three years previously. How old was James?



Two criminals, Smith and Jones, had been apprehended by Father Brown . He immediately transported them to Scotland Yard where they were interrogated by Inspector Monson. “For the record,” asked Monson. “I need to know just how old you both are?” “Well,” answered Smith. “Our combined age is 91 years. I’m twice as old as Jones was when I was as old as he is now!” “Pardon?” said Monson. “No need to look confused, Inspector,” said Father Brown . “From the information just supplied I know exactly how old they both are.” Can you work out how old Smith and Jones are?


Father Brown and Walter had set their pocket watches to the same time. Unknown to them, Walter’s watch was running exactly two minutes per hour slow, and the watch belonging to Father Brown  was going exactly a minute per hour too fast. Later, when they checked their watches again, it was discovered that the watch belonging to Father Brown  was exactly one hour ahead of Watson’s watch. How long had it been since they had originally set their watches?


In the hope of trapping Professor Glown, Father Brown  disguised himself as a street trader. He set up a stall in the market place and began to sell his wares to the public. Later he was visited by Dr Matthew. “Has Glown appeared yet?” asked Matthew. “Not yet,” replied Father Brown . “The only customers I’ve had came together. They were two fathers and two sons. Between them they spent £3 at the stall. Surprisingly, they all spent exactly the same amount.” Matthew glanced at Father Brown  “If they spent £3 between them, Father Brown , they couldn’t have spent the same!”
But they had. Just how much had each of them spent?


“What’s the problem, Mrs Will?” asked Father Brown as he entered the kitchen. “I’m baking,” she replied. “And it’s important that I get all the ingredients right. I need to use exactly one pint of water, but I only have a five pint container and a three pint jug.” “Then you have no problem at all,” answered Father Brown, and immediately measured out a pint of water for Mrs Will. How did he do it?

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