Enigma word game with Answers

Do you like to solve Enigmas, Then here is Enigma word game that you can play online, All the Enigmas are very hard to solve, Include Numerical, Poem, Riddle and more.

Enigma word game with Answers
Enigma word game with Answers


Numerical Enigma


My whole, consisting of nineteen letters, is the name of a great American authoress;

My 8, 19, 9, 11, 1 is an American forest tree.

My 12, 17, 4, 15, 13 once in the west roamed wild and free.

My 18, 3, 5, 16, 10 when I went to school I had to do.

My 7, 2, 14, 6 is a weed that must be known to you.



Enigma word game with Answers



Hard Poem Enigma


I’m more than one thing, that Is very certain ; Sometimes I’m chafed at by the rising tide,

Then I’m a cozy room from behind a curtain. And then a place where criminals are tried ;

Then, on an oaken door, or garden gats, Planted, I give intruding rogues checkmate.

Such am I add but d to my short name. Then starts a poet up, his eyes aflame;

Or, if a simple e to me you add, I’m what you’d be if you’d lost all you had. Give me back,

and I will cross the sea, Or n, and I a place of store will be; With m I help the brewer of the beer.

I pick up on, and find myself a peer. Would you know more?

With ter I sell and buy, With go I carry coals ;

Then who am I ?



Bar bard bare bark barn barm baron barter barge.


Poem Enigma


It’s round and square, it’s short and long,

Of many shapes and sizes,

In it you’ll sit to bear a song,

It guards the richest prizes.


It makes your garden trim and neat,

No house can be without it,

On railway journeys you’ll it meet,

And porters never scout it.

I gave it to a man one day,

He thanked me fair and roundly;

Then gave it to a friend in play,

Who forthwith thrashed him soundly.

It screens the soldier in a storm,

It holds the sailor’s kit;

Behind four horses when ’tis warm

I like on it to sit






Enigmatical Trees


Tell the tree that will fight,

The tree that obeys you,

And the tree that never stands still;

The tree that got up,

The tree that was lazy,

And the tree neither up nor down hill;

The tree to be kissed,

The dandiest tree, And what guides the ship to go forth;

The unhealthiest tree,

The tree of the people, And the tree whose wood faces the north.



Box, Dog- wood, Aspen, Rose, Sloe, Plane, Tulip, Spruce, Elm, Sycamore, Poplar, Southern – rood.


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Word Enigma


My first is in a can of “ale,”

My second is in every “dale,”

My third’s in “egg,”

My fourth in “beg,”

And like an earwig iu a “rail”

My fifth. My next is in the “mud,”

My seventh is found in King “Ehud,”

My eighth’s in “ram,”

My ninth in “Cam,”

My tenth in sweet Miss “Maidenhood,”

My last In neither “bod” nor “good,”

Now for my whole. Conceive a crowded room,

Lit op with candles to expel the gloom A stage, on which our dazzled eyes we fix,

A clever man who shows diverting tricks And you will hare a very curious skill,

That has been used for cuds both good and ill






2 More difficult enigmas 

When green, I’m good to eat

That is, if cooked with skill;

When blue and pink, I’m very sweet,

And nosegays help to fill ;

But sweeter far it is to view me

“When c and e ore added to me.

Yes, though I’m good to eat,

With r I’m sweeter still,

With c and h am yet more sweet.

With k I top the hill Add to me but a single I,

Then rolls the thunder, sounds the bell.

Yes, though I’m food, you see,

Changes soon come across

A little edible like me,

For t makes me a moss;

And if r 1 to me draw near,

I am a gem, fit for my lady’s ear.


Flower Lore.

What plant is always a secret? A woman’s sage.

What is the flower for the poor! Any- money.

What is the flower for a Chinese woman?

Pick-her-tea. What flower is the emblem of truth?  The lie-lack.

On what plant does a whole garden depend for cultivation? Thyme.

What is the flower for a teacher? The verbena.

What vegetable induces asphyxia? The artichoke.



Pea, Peace, Pear, Peach, Peal, Peat, Pearl 


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Riddle Enigma 


A hundred and fifty, if rightly applied,

To a place where the living did once all reside;

Or a consonant joined to a sweet singing bird,

Will give you a name that you’ve oftentimes heard,

Which, ‘niong your friends, at least one person owns;

It’s the rival of Smith, and as common as Jones.



Clark; C-lark.


What is the Enigma?

It’s not easy to answer, I found many articles about the well-known encryption machine “Enigma“, but none of them described a detailed algorithm for its operation. Surely many will say that this does not need to be advertised – I hope that it will be useful for someone to find out about this.

How did it all start?

During the First World War, the Play fair cipher was very popular. Its essence was that the letters of the Latin alphabet were written in a 5×5 square, after which the letters of the original alphabet were divided into pairs. Further, using a square as a key, these bigrams were replaced by others according to a certain algorithm. The advantage of this cipher was that it did not require additional devices, and, as a rule, by the time the message was decrypted, it had already lost its relevance. Another method of secret writing was the Jefferson cipher.

Every thing else about Enigmas 

This device consisted of a certain number of disks strung on a single axis (usually there were 36 disks). Each of them was divided into 26 parts, each of which denoted a letter. The letters on the disks were randomly arranged. The operator, by rotating the disks, typed the desired message, and then rewrote another line. The person who received this message must have had exactly the same device with exactly the same arrangement of letters. Both methods were relatively good for those times, but given that mankind had already entered the 20th century, it became necessary to mechanize the encryption process. In 1920, Dutch inventor Alexander Koch invented the first rotary encryption machine. Then, German inventors received a patent for it, who improved it and put it into production, under the name “Enigma” (from the Greek – a mystery). Thus, this machine was purchased by many companies who wanted to keep their correspondence secret. This was the whole genius of Enigma – everyone knew the encryption algorithm, but no one could find the right key, since the number of possible combinations exceeded 15 quadrillion. If you want to know how the Enigma was hacked, I advise you to read Simon Singh’s book “The Book of Ciphers“. Summarizing all of the above, I want to say that the Enigma cipher was a kind of mixture of Jefferson’s cipher and Caesar’s cipher.

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