72 Tricky Brain Teaser Riddles for Everyone

72 Tricky Brain Teaser Riddles for Everyone, These riddles are best for test your brain and sharper mind. All the questions with answers, Very hard to solve.

Try if you can, Solve at least 50, If you can “Your a real smart” 


72 Tricky Brain Teasers Riddles for Everyone
72 Tricky Brain Teasers Riddles for Everyone


Here is 72 Tricky Brain Teaser Riddles

1. Where did the witch of End or live?

At Endor.

2. How many sides are there to a tree?

Two, the mside and outside.

3. What’s that which every living man hath seen, But never more will see again, I ween ?


4. Why was Noah, in the ark like a disappointed rat-catcher ? 

Because it was forty days before he saw ere-a-rat (Ararat).

5. Why are three couples going to church like a child’s penny trumpet ?

Because they go too, too, too (two and two and two).

6. Why is your nose like St. Paul’s?

Because it is flesh and blood

7. When do your teeth usurp the functions of the tongue ?

When they are chattering

8. What street in London puts you in mind of a tooth which has pained you for a long time ?


9. Why does an aching tooth impose silence on the sufferer ?

Because it makes him hold his jaw

10. To what town in Poland should you go to have it extracted ?


11. Which of vour teeth are like a dressmaker’s fingers and thumb, when she is cutting out a dress?


12. Why is a pack of cards, of only fifty-one in the pack, sent home, like a pack of cards of fifty-two ?

Because they’re sent in-complete.

13. Which is the oldest tree in England ? 

The Ulder-tree.

14. Why is a man in debt like a misty morning ?

Because he is full of dues (dews).

15. Why are feet like olden tales ?

Because they are leg-ends (legends).

16. Where was Adam going, when he was in his thirty-ninth year ?

Into his fortieth.

17. Why is an image on a pedestal like a hackney coach when disengaged ?

Because it is on a stand.

18. Why are fish in a thriving state like fish made to imitate them?

Because they are hearty-fish-all (artificial).

19. Tom went out, his dog with him; he went not before, behind, nor on one side of him, then where did he go ?

On the other side.

20. What question is that to which you must answer yes?

“What does y-e-s spell.

21. Why is the July sun like sixpence ?

Because it is a tanner

22. In what respect does a bad governess differ from a good one ?

One miss-guides, and the other guides miss.

23. Why are lovers’ sighs like long stockings ?

Because they are high hose (heigh ho’s).

24. Why is a nail fast in the wall like an old man?

Because it is mfirm.

25. Why is a man standing on a fishmonger’s shop like a busy meddling fellow ?

Because he is over a fish-house (officious).


Second 25 Riddles 


26. What is the most difficult thing in the world ?

To find out the most difficult thing in the world.

27.Why are some great men like glow-worms ?

Because it must be dark when they shine.

28. When is a door not a door ?

When it is a-jar.

29. Why is an orange like a church steeple ?

Because we have a peel from it.

30. What word is that, to which if you add a syllable, it will be shorter ?

Short (short-er).

31. Why is life like a publican’s door-post?

Because it is chequered.

32. Why are two men fighting a duel like a garden railing ?

Because they’re fencing

33. Why is swearing like an old coat ?

Because it’s a bad habit.


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34. Why are fixed stars like pens, ink, and paper ?

Because they are stationary (stationery).

35. Why is a jest like a fowl ?

Because it contains a merry-thought.

36. Why is the sun like a man of fashion ?

Because it turns night into day.

37. What do we all do when we first get into bed? 

Make an impression.

38. When is a nose not a nose ?

When it is a little radish (reddish).

39. What thing is that that is lower with a head than without one ?

A pillow.

40. Why is a cherry like a book ?

Because it is read (red).

41. Who was the first that bore arms ?


42. What river is that which runs between two seas ?

The Thames, which flows between Chelsea and Battersea

43. When is the river Thames good for the eyes ?

When it is eye-water (high-water).

44. What place should a glutton be sent to ?

To Eat-on (Eton).

45. Why is a watchman like a mill-horse ?

Because he goes his rounds.

46. When is a coat the symbol of misery ?

When it is un-nappy.

47. Why is an inn like a burial-ground ?

Because the weary traveller there finds rest.

48. When is a sailor not a sailor?

When he is a-board.

49. If Mr. Rowland Hill were to give each of his children half a sovereign, why would he be like the rising sun ?

Because he tips the little Hills with gold.


Don’t forget to count “How many you answered right” 


50. What is the difference between Mario and Cardinal Wiseman ?

One performs Mass in Bed, the other Masaniello.

51. What is the difference between a pastry cook and a bill-sticker ?

One puffs up paste, the other pastes up puffs

52. Who was the first whistler and what was his tune ?

The wind, when he whistled Over the hills and far away.

53. Which is the easiest of the three professions ?

The church, ecause it is easier to preach than to practise.

54. What kind of vice is that which people shun if they are ever so bad ?


55. Why should a little man never marry a bouncing widow ?

Because he would be called the widow’s mite

56. What is that which every one wishes for and yet tries to get rid of ?

A good appetite.


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57. What kind of sweetmeats did they have in the “ark ?

Preserved pears.

58. Why are potatoes and corn like certain sinners of old ?

Because having eyes they see not, and ears they hear not

59. Why is wit like a Chinese lady’s foot ?

Because brevity is the sole of it.

60. Which travels at greater speed, heat or cold?

Heat, because you «an catch cold.

61. Why is a spider a good correspondent ?

Because he drops a line by every post.

62. If you suddenly saw a house on fire, what three celebrated authors would you feel inclined to name?

Dickens, Howitt, Burns (Dickens ! how it burns).

63. Why should the male sex avoid the letter A?

Because it makes men mean.

64. What kind of wine is both meat and drink ?

Old port, with a crust.

65. Why are people who stutter not to be relied on?

Because they are always breaking their word.

66. Why is a game of cards like a timber-yard ?

Because there are always a great many deals in it.

67. What is the difference between forms and ceremonies ?

You sit upon one, and stand upon the other.

68. In what colour should a secret be kept ?

Inviolate (in violet).

69. Perfect with a head, perfect without a head; perfect with a tail, perfect without a tail ; perfect with either, neither, or both ?

A wig.

70. Why is the Hebrew persuasion the best of all persuasions?

Because it is one that admits of no gammon.

71. How can you make a tall man short?

72. What is the difference between reckless speculation and a slice of bacon ?

Borrow five pounds of him.


How many answered right from 72, Keep your comment below so every one knows.

Don’t forget to try for our Enigmas and Conundrums as well. 

What is the riddle?

Well, riddle is a short description of an object or phenomenon, often in poetic form, containing an intricate task in the form of an explicit (direct) or alleged (hidden) question. The main feature of the puzzle is that it represents is a logical task, proposed in artistic form. Each the riddle contains a question posed in an explicit or implicit form.


Why it’s matter to your brain?

To guess – A riddle means to find a solution to a problem, to answer a question, that is, to complete a rather complex mental operation. Success in solving the problem, enclosed in a riddle depends on which aspects of objects and phenomena and how fully are reflected in it. The content of the riddles reflects the life of a person surrounding him reality: flora and fauna, natural phenomena, objects of labor, everyday life, etc.

There are requirements for the content of the puzzle: by the content of the puzzle should correspond to the tasks all-round development, contain an educational idea, correspond to the age and psychological characteristics of children, be accessible, interesting, have a playful character. The riddle, despite the diminutiveness of the genre, has many valuable qualities so necessary in educational and upbringing work with children.

The meaning of the riddle

a) Riddle is an example of folk poetry. Her role is significant in development of poetic hearing in children.
The riddle gives a vivid example of how capaciously, colorfully you can tell about an object or phenomenon, which contributes to the active development of speech child and the ability to briefly and figuratively express their thoughts and observations.

b)  Knowledge of riddles develops memory, guessing them allows more deeply and comprehensively comprehend the world, develops intelligence, speed of reaction, mental activity, non-standard thinking.

c)  Riddles are full of cognitive meaning. They cause in children interest in the world of things and phenomena, help the child to pay attention to them signs, properties and qualities. One and the same subject can be several riddles. each of which characterizes him in its own way.

d) The riddle is a game. A game of recognition, guessing, exposing what is hidden.


How to teach riddles in School?

In work with preschool children, riddles can be used in the classroom, in work and play, in everyday life. Using
riddles in the classroom is one of the important teaching methods. Riddles come in all classes in various sections of the program.

Riddles are used as a technique that encourages learning knowledge. They can be used not only at the beginning and in the process of activity, but also at its completion. They can serve as a kind of completion and generalization of the process of activity, this helps to concretize children’s ideas about the characteristic properties of an object or phenomenon.

When selecting riddles for preschool children, it is necessary take account of:
a) Correspondence of the topic of riddles to educational – educational tasks and life experiences of children.
b) Completeness and specificity of the characteristics.
c) Accessibility of the language and the degree of complexity of the artistic image.
d) The type of logical task and the nature of the mental operation when guessing.


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