62 Very Difficult Riddles

Here is 62 Very Difficult Riddles, That you can play on school, Classes, University or Anywhere with kids or adults. These riddles are hard, Curious, Logical and brain teasers.

62 Very Difficult Riddles
62 Very Difficult Riddles


Here is 62 Very Difficult Riddles

Let’s see how many riddles you can asnwer.


1. By a sailor :—Where does charity begin?

At C (sea).

2. Which is the strongest day in the week ?

Sunday, because all the rest are weak- days.

3. Which is easier to spell—fiddle-de-dee or fiddle- de-dum?

The former, because it is spelt with more e’s.

4. What is the difference between a photographer and the hooping-cough ? 

The one makes fac-similes, the other sick families.

5. Why is a good boy like a puppy ?

Because he is a younker (young cur).

6. (By the Lord Dundreary) : If you go to Mar- gate, why ith it there to do you good ?

Because ith a Thanet-ary proceeding.

7. How do eggs show their anger on being called heggs ?

By becoming eggs—aspirated.

8. What part of speech are shopkeepers most anxious to dispose of?  


9. Why are weary persons like carriage wheels ?

Because they are tired.

10. Of what part of London does a lame man remind us ?

Of Cripplegate.

11. What is that which we all eat and drink, though it is sometimes a woman and sometimes a man

A toast.

12. Why would a tanner make a good chemist ?

Because he understands ox(h)ides.

13. Why is Ireland like a bottle of wine ?

Because it has Cork in it.

14. Why are there three objections to taking a glass of brandy ?

Because there are three scruples to a dram.

15. Why is a well-trained horse like a benevolent man ?

Because it stops at the sound of woe.

16. Why is the port of Plymouth like a very won- derful phenomenon in acoustics ?

Because it includes a part of the sea called the sound ; and that is the only sound that you can see.

17. When may a man be considered to be really over head and ears in debt? 

When he owes for his wig.

18. Why is the letter F like death?

Because it makes all fall.

19. Why is love like a potato ?

Because it springs from the eyes.


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20. What is Majesty robbed of its externals ?

A jest.

21. What do we do when, to increase the effect, we diminish the cause ?

Snuff the candle.

22. What word will, if you take away the first letter, make you sick ?


23. Why is the death of Socrates like a garret ?

Because it is an Attic story.

24. Why do sheep resemble fast young men ?

Because they gamble (gambol) in their youth, are always on the turf, are very frequently black-legs, and are universally fleeced.

25. Why may the Emperor of Russia be considered a flirt ?

Because, not content with Mol-davia, he went after Bess-Arabia, and that Galicia

26. What flower most resembles a bull’s mouth ?

A cowslip.

27. What part of a locomotive requires the most attention ?

The ” tender” part.

28. What wig cannot a barber make ?

An earwig.

29. In what respects were the governments of Algiers and Malta as different as light is to darkness ?

Because one was governed by Deys (days,) the other by Knights (nights).

30. Why is an amiable and charming girl like one letter in deep thought, another on its way towards you, another bearing a torch, and another singing psalms ?

Because she is A-musing, B-coming5 D-lighting, and ST-chanting.

31. Like what month is a falsehood spoken by a Jew?

Jew- lie (July).

32. Why does a young lady gum down her side- eurls ?

To make it stick to the chaps.

33. What is the difference between a butcher and a flirt ?

The former kills to dress, the latter dresses to kill.

34. What murderous implements do ladies who wear curls carry ?

Pair-o’-side (parricide combs).

35. Why is riding fast up a steep ascent like a female dog suffering pain ?

Because it’s a gal pup ill (gallop up hill).

36. What is the difference between Columbus and a plated-goods manufacturer ?

One is a dishcover, the other a dish-coverer

37. What is the difference between a bad young lady and a spinster ?

One is a naughty miss, the other is not a missis.

38. What musical instrument should we never believe ?

 A lyre.

39. What is the difference between a celebrated melodrama and Lord Clyde ?

One is Colleen Bawn, the other Colin christened.

40. Why is a bad picture like weak tea ? 

Because it is not well drawn.

41. Why is a fast young lady like a steam-engine ?

Because she never goes ahead without a swell  after her.

42. When do young ladies eat a musical instrument ?

When they have a piano for tea (forte).

43. What does man love more than life, Hate more than death or mortal strife : That which contented men desire, The poor have, the rich require; The miser spends, the spendthrift saves, And all men carry to their graves ?


44. What fish is most valued by a loving wife ?



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45. What is that which goes from London to York without moving ?

The road.

46. Why is a woman in love like a man of profound knowledge ?

Because she is full of the arts (hearts) and sighences.

47. How do we know that Byron never wore a wig ?

Because he speaks of his own Corsair.

48. From a number that’s odd cut off the head, It then will even be ; Its tail, I pray, take next away : Your mother then you’ll see.


49. What is that which you and every living person have seen, but can never see again ?


50. What piece of coin is double its value by deducting its half ?


51. What did Adam first set in the garden of Eden ?

His foot.

52. Why is a fretful man like a hard-baked loaf?

Because he is crusty.

53. What is the difference between a sweep and a poor man in a new suit of mourning ?

One is blacked with, soot, the other sooted with black.

54. Why is an undutiful son like one born deaf?

Your voice is lost on him.

55. Why are the pages of a book like the days of man?

Because they are all numbered

56. Why is a king like a book ?

Because he has pages.

57. Why is a leaf of a tree like the human body ?

Because it has veins in it.

58. What is that which is lengthened by being cut at both ends?

A ditch.

59. Why is a lollypop like a horse ?

Because the more you lick it, the faster it goes.

60. When is an alderman, like a ghost ?

When he is a gobbling (goblin).

61. What animal was in existence before the creation ?

The great shay-hoss ! (chaos).

62. What is that which the dead and living do at the same time ?

They go round with the world.


Well guys, How many riddles you answered right?

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Using the riddles 

With schoolers, they are busy looking at pictures, objects, and also talking about them. In the classroom in order to consolidate knowledge about the characteristic features of objects and their. use riddles. But they are only part of the lesson. So, in a conversation about school supplies with children of the preparatory group for school, in the first part of the lesson, they consider the objects necessary for the future student, determine what the objects are called, what they are, what they are for, how to use them, how to store them.

In the second part, the game “Parcel” is played. A package arrives at the group address. There are many different objects in it, but which ones you have to guess. Children are offered riddles about a pencil, book, notebook, chalk, etc. Those who have guessed them take out the corresponding objects, mark the signs by which they guessed.

Conversation with children of 6 – 7 years old about tools and mechanisms that facilitate domestic work.

First, children talk about what kind of work adults and children do at home, what tools they use, how household appliances facilitate human work. Further, this lesson is carried out in the form of a game with riddles: “What do we need for work?”

The teacher makes riddles about tools and household appliances

(scissors, a needle, a hammer, a vacuum cleaner, etc.)

Children guess them, determine what type of work these objects are needed for.
As noted, the riddle can serve the purpose of developing logical thinking and speech in children. In these cases, the whole lesson can be based on riddles.

Riddles in Lesson “Do you know your group?”

Teach children to guess the riddle based on all the signs of the object named in it; understand the meaning of figurative expressions in riddles.

To teach children, when explaining the answer, build an answer in the form of evidence, reasoning.
Preparation for the lesson. Select objects for examination, pick up riddles about these objects. Make up questions for the analysis of riddles. Draw up a sample proof of the answer.

The course of the lesson and methodological techniques. The teacher begins the lesson by asking if the children know well the objects that are in their group room. He offers to watch some of them (clock, aquarium), asks the question: “What is a clock for? What is the call for? What is the name of the bell clock? Why are they called that? What is the aquarium for? Who lives in it? What is it made of? Where do free fish live? “

This is how another 2-3 objects are considered, paying attention to the material, purpose, method of using the objects. The teacher encourages children to find signs of similarity and difference between objects, compare objects, explain names in order to prepare children for the perception of riddles.

Further, the teacher asks if the children will be able to recognize objects if they talk about them in riddles, gives instructions: listen carefully to the riddle; remember, as they say in the riddle about the subject; guess, bring the answer or show where it is; prove that the answer is correct; do not rush to answer, it is better to think it over.

The teacher reads riddles about objects emotionally, expressively, without haste, emphasizes the meaning, rhythmic features, sound writing, repeats riddles so that children can remember all the signs:

There is a pond on the window
Fishes live in it.
By the glass shores
There are no fishermen.

The teacher seeks that the children not only name the answer, but prove it on the basis of all the signs, so that they reveal the figurative meaning of expressions and words. Gives a sample of how to explain the answer:

– It’s an aquarium. Fish live in it. It stands on the window and looks like a small pond, only the banks of this pond are glass, and you cannot fish from them, therefore there are no fishermen at such a pond.

In the future, she helps children with questions, instructions when explaining answers. For example, after the riddle about the clock: I have no legs, but I walk, I have no mouth, but I will tell you when to sleep, when to get up, when to start work – he asks why the children guessed that it was a clock, how the clock “runs”, “speaks”. Encourages children to try to build reasoning, proof in their own way.

In order for children to independently and in different ways build a proof, the teacher offers different riddles about the same subject, characterizing the subject from different angles and with different speech means. For example, he offers another riddle about the clock: We walk at night, we walk during the day, and yet we will not leave the place. We hit regularly every hour, and you, friends, do not hit us.

In order for children to gradually master the skills of reasoning, first simple riddles are proposed, and then more complex in the content of logical tasks and the nature of mental operations, with a more complex system of artistic means:

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