Conundrums are the confusing and difficult problem or question. Here is 23 very hard conundrums questions to ask from your friends when your play quiz games. probably they would not answer. Try it.

23 Conundrums Quiz to ask
23 Conundrums Quiz to ask


Here is our 23 Conundrums


1  If you had a strong desire to leave some property to the man in the moon, how would you go about it?

With a will


2  If you tumbled to the bottom of the first week in April, what sort of a Yankee would you suggest?

Down Easter,


3  What is the difference between a sailor on duty and a sailor discharged?

One goes to sea the other ceases to go.


4  What is the best way to prevent water coming into your house?

Don’t pay your wat r rates,


5  Why is a butler like a mountain?

Because he looks down on the valley


6  Spell auburn locks in two letters.



7  What is it which occurs twice in a moment, once in a minute and not once in 1,000 years?

The letter M.


8  If you suddenly saw a house on fire what three celebrated authors would you feel at once disposed to name?

Dickens Howitt Burns,


9  Which is a slug like a poem of Tennyson’s?

When it’s in a garden (Enoch Garden).



From a number that’s odd,

cut oft the head,

It then will even be; It’s tail,

I pray, take next away,

Your mother then you’ll see.


a Seven


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What does man love more than life?

Hate more than death or mortal strife?

That which contented men desire?

The poor have, the rich require?

The miser spends, the spendthrift saves?

And all men carry to their graves.




My first makes company;

My second shuns company;

My third assembles company;

My whole puzzles company.




My first is a point, my second a span;

In my whole often ends the greatness of man.




The public credit and the public shame,

Though widely different, differ not in name.



15  Why should a man always wear a watch when he travels in a waterless desert?

Because every watch has a spring in it/bg_collapse]


16  Why is the early grass like a penknife?

Because the spring brings out the blades


17  What is a bull in a china shop?

A pacemaker


18  Why are clergymen like waiters?

They both wear white ties and take orders.


19  What is the difference between a chimney sweep and a gentleman who finds that the mourning he has purchased to wear at a friend’s funeral fits him exactly?

One Is black with soot and the other suited with black


20 Why are A, E and U the handsomest ol the vowels?

Because you can’t have beauty withoul them


21  Why is a worn out shoe like ancienl Greece?

Because it once had a Soloi (sole on), 


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22 What key is best for unlocking thi tongue?



23  How can you ask a man if he is ill ir four letters?

R U C D (areyo seedy)


Let us know your thought about these Conundrums . Thank you.

How to ask Conundrums ?

Facilitates guessing and the thematic principle of presenting riddles. You should not offer children riddles of different topics in one lesson. It is necessary to limit the range of objects, facts to be recognized, to direct the child’s thought to a certain area of ​​knowledge, picking up riddles of one topic.

A system is also needed here. So, in one lesson, children will be asked riddles only about pets, in another – about toys, the third time – about household items, then – about natural phenomena, etc. Moreover, each time it is advisable to connect the topic of riddles with the content of recent observations. This will provide the direction of children’s attention, greater concentration, and facilitate the work of thought.

Sometimes in one lesson it is possible to offer riddles of different topics, about various objects and phenomena. But then the circle of riddles should be limited to a certain place for searching for answers. Such a place can be a group room, a forest clearing, a city street, etc.


Guessing conundrums answers

Along with the creation of conditions that facilitate guessing, children should be taught to guess the riddle, to correctly solve a logical problem. For a solution to be error-free, you need to know the logical mechanism of guessing, to master the appropriate techniques.

Taking into account the peculiarities of the content of the puzzle as a logical task, we will consider the specifics and sequence of those mental actions that are performed when guessing.

To solve the conundrums, you must first highlight the signs of the object indicated in the riddle, that is, make an analysis. Then compare and combine these features, establish between them the possible s in z-z and, that is, make a synthesis. On the basis of establishing connections and combining features, a conclusion is made, an inference is built, that is, a correct answer.

The indispensability of each of these stages in the specified sequence is determined by the fact that without sufficient analysis (highlighting all the indicated signs) the synthesis process (establishing connections) may be incomplete, one-sided, and therefore the conclusion will be inaccurate or erroneous.

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